Computational approaches to morphological complexity

The Surrey Morphology Group held a one-day workshop on computational approaches to morphological complexity, hosted by Paris-Sorbonne University, at the Maison de la recherche (28, rue Serpente, 75006 Paris) on Friday, February 22, 2013.

Theme of the workshop

Inflection often (or even typically) displays formal patterns which cannot be readily derived from the syntactic and semantic categories which it realizes. Phenomena such as inflectional classes, syncretism, defectiveness and deponency manifest what appear to be a purely morphological element in the composition of words and paradigms. Computational treatment of these questions has proved particularly insightful, yielding some of the most interesting contemporary research on morphology. This workshop is devoted to exploring some of the latest trends, with invited speakers Roger Evans (Brighton) and Olivier Bonami (Paris).


9:30 Introduction

9:50 Benoît Sagot (INRIA & Université Paris–Diderot)
Tutorial: ‘Comparing complexity measures’

10:50 Break

11:10 Olivier Bonami (Université Paris‐Sorbonne, LLF, IUF)
‘Towards a robust assessment of implicative relations in inflectional systems’

12:10 Roger Evans (NLTG, Brighton)
‘Looking for the wood among the trees - what is the empirical evidence for inheritance?’

13:10 Lunch break

15:00 Berthold Crysmann (CNRS, LLF)
‘Eliminating rule blocks from realisational morphology’

16:00 Break

16:30 Gregory Stump (Kentucky) ‘Contrasting modes of representation for inflection-class systems and their implications for computing morphological complexity’

17:30 End

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