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The databases can be accessed without cost. Users agree not to pass on the databases to third parties and to properly acknowledge the database as the source of information in publications or manuscripts that make use of its data. When citing information obtained from a database query, please mention the authors, date, and the name of the database and address of the database homepage (all of this information is available from the database homepage). It is also a good idea to give the date you last accessed the database.

Language Resources

Annotated bibliographies


  • Download the Excel spreadsheet of nouns from the Uppsala corpus (product of the ESRC project 'Number Use in Language'). For each of the approx. 5440 noun lexemes the spreadsheet includes information on frequency, animacy (modified version of the Smith-Stark hierarchy), as well as counts for occurrences of particular case and number combinations.
    There is a readme file for the spreadsheet.
  • Diachronic datasets of Slavonic colour terms: East Slavonic, South Slavonic, West Slavonic.
  • Datasets associated with the ESRC project 'Paradigms in Use'.

DATR Fragments & theorem dumps

Statistical Models

  • View our statistical model of plural proportions from the Uppsala corpus (from the ESRC project 'Number Use in Language').

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