Global Graduate Award

The University of Surrey offers all students the opportunity to study a foreign language on its institution-wide language programme. Modules are free of charge and may be taken regardless of your main subject. Undergraduate students will be awarded credit for language modules as part of the Global Graduate Award scheme.

What is the Global Graduate Award?

The Global Graduate Award is part of the University’s International Strategy. It aims to encourage student mobility and to support students who spend their professional training year abroad. Studying a foreign language at university will enhance your employment prospects in an increasingly international job market.

You can join a language module no matter what department you are in and irrespective of your main degree subject. All language modules are accredited for undergraduate students and award 10 credits per module. While these credits do not count towards your degree they are recorded on your transcript as the ‘Global Graduate Award in Languages’. You may opt for a language module in each year of your undergraduate studies.

For example, a student in the Department of Psychology completes 120 credits each year towards his or her degree. This student may also opt for a language module and receive 10 additional credits for it. The student’s transcript would record 130 credits, listing the Global Graduate Award in Languages as a separate academic achievement.

One courses on the English Language Support Programme is also available to undergraduates as part of the Global Graduate Award scheme.

How do I register?

What languages and levels are taught?

We offer nine languages at different levels of proficiency. The levels are described as Stages. A guide to the Stages can be found below. We have mapped our modules against the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages which was developed by the Council of Europe. The level descriptions may be useful in helping you understand the skills involved in learning a language at your level. The level descriptors are available on the Council of Europe website.

Please note that classes will run subject to their viability.
























Stage 1: For students with no previous knowledge of the language.

Stage 2 (A2 on the Council of Europe’s proficiency scale): For students who have had some formal tuition in the language and have achieved a modest level.

Stage 3 (B1 on the Council of Europe’s proficiency scale): For students who have at least grade B and above at GCSE or equivalent.

Stage 4 (B1+ on the Council of Europe’s proficiency scale): For students who have AS level but have not reached A level standard.

Stage 5 (B2 on the Council of Europe’s proficiency scale): Post A-level, or equivalent. For students who wish to perfect the advanced skills they possess.

Stage 6 (French and English only) (C1 on the Council of Europe’s proficiency scale): For students with very advanced skills.


Additional Information

Who may apply?

  • Our institution-wide language modules are open to all Surrey students. Undergraduate students automatically register for the Global Graduate Award when they enrol for a language class. Their results will be recorded on their transcripts.

  • All modules are open to postgraduate students but not as credit-bearing options. You are expected to complete assignments and take the tests and will receive an attendance certificate listing your grade on successful completion of the module.
  • Visiting students, including Erasmus exchange students, may take a language module for credits if they are able to complete the two-semester course.  They should check with their home university whether they may add a language module to their learning agreement. Students who are only at Surrey for the Autumn Semester may join a class but not for credits.  An attendance certificate may be provided on request. It is not possible to join classes in the Spring Semester.