Course Information

♦ Classes are taught over 3 terms, from 7pm to 8.30, one evening a week with 8 classes per term (except for the beginners intensive classes which are twice a week, 16 classes per term).

♦ You can join at the beginning of any of the three term.

♦ Our courses are taught on campus, with easy access to the A3. Parking is available and free in the evenings.

♦ Classes are taught by language teachers from the School of English and Languages. Our tutors are experienced and native or near-native speakers of the language they teach.

♦ You will have access to the Library and the Language Study Area , where you can watch foreign TV, DVDs, read foreign magazines and use interactive programmes to practice the language.

♦ Our classes are taught in small groups.

     ♦ If you successfully complete your course (attend at least 75% of classes), you will receive a University of Surrey certificate of attendance.

     ♦  The availability of classes is subject to demand.

     ♦  Discounts are only applied if you book 2 or 3 terms for the same class. 

     ♦ No refund can be given for classes you are not able to attend. If a tutor is unable  to teach a class (e.g. illness), the class will be rescheduled either during or at the end of the term.

     ♦ Cancellations received within 7 days prior to the 1st Monday of the term are not eligible for refunds. Cancellations received before that will be refunded but incur an administrative fee of £29.50.

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