Global Graduate Award

What is GGA?

The Global Graduate Award in Languages is the university-wide languages programme.  It is open to all students at the University of Surrey and it is free of charge.  You can start a new language, brush-up a half-forgotten one, or continue with a language you do not want to forget.

Why Global Graduate Award?

The Global Graduate Award is part of the University’s Internationalisation Strategy.  It aims to encourage student mobility, to support students who want to spend their professional training year abroad, and to enhance student employability on the global market.

Do I get credits for it?

All our language modules are accredited for UG students and award 15 credits per course.  While these credits do not count towards your degree, they are recorded on your transcript.

GGA is not credit-bearing for postgraduate students but  you will receive a certificate of attendance listing the grade achieved on successful completion of the course.

Erasmus/Occasional students who can only stay for the 1st semester will get an attendance certificate. The module won’t appear on their transcript.

Which languages are offered and at which level?

We offer 11 different languages at various levels. For a list of all classes please see Languages and levels.

For information about GGA in Sustainability, please click here

How do I register?  

Registration for the academic year 2015/16 will open on Monday, 14th September, at 9.00 am, and closes on Friday, 9th October, at 12.00 noon.  Please note that it is not possible to apply or reserve a place before.

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