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Disaster monitoring from space

The Surrey Space Centre is a world leader in space engineering and its research is having far-reaching consequences. One striking example of its achievements is the launch of the first international satellite constellation dedicated to monitoring disasters worldwide.

The global imaging service provides critical and timely information for international disaster assessment and relief agencies, impacting upon hundreds of thousands of lives.

The cutting-edge earth observation technology has been adapted to provide scientific information on land and water resources, agriculture, pollution, urban development and deforestation.

From cloud feature extraction, vegetation stress signatures and radiometric calibrations, to forest-fire-scar delineation, this space-derived data forms a highly valuable resource for land-cover mapping and emergency planning.

Surrey’s Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC) was used as part of the preparations for Beijing Olympics and it continues to provide annual assessments of deforestation and illegal logging in the Amazon basin rainforest.

By dramatically lowering the cost of sophisticated Earth observation satellites, Surrey has enabled other nations to develop their own space activities, allowing them to better manage their national resources and security and participate more fully in international affairs.

The DMC concept pioneered by Surrey has had wide-scale impact and has been emulated internationally in China, Japan and France.

To find out more about the Disaster Monitor Constellation in action, visit the DMC International Imaging website. For further information on Surrey’s space engineering research, please visit the Surrey Space Centre website.