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Date:         24th June, 2015

Venue:      Lecture Theatre Block

Open to:    Students and Staff

Keynote Speaker: Professor John Hardy

The Annual Festival of Research is the biggest research event of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. 

This year the Festival is on Wednesday, 24th June in the Lecture Theatre Block.  This full day event is a great opportunity to showcase our excellence in research and to celebrate our achievement in science.  It is to bring everyone together to fire up our enthusiasm, encourage and support our junior researchers and to promote cross-divisional collaborations.  All staff and research students are cordially invited to attend.

All researchers within FHMS are encouraged to participate by submitting an abstract for a poster.  As with last year, there will be a prize for the best one.

More about the Keynote Speaker - Professor John Hardy, University College London

Prof John Hardy is a geneticist and molecular biologist whose research interests focus on neurological disease; he is the most cited Alzheimer's disease researcher in the UK (5th internationally). In recognition of his exceptional contributions to science, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2009.

Grand Debate: Ageing and Society

Hosted by Professor Jim Al-khalili.


If you have any queries please e-mail Mourad Tayebi.


More information to follow soon...

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    A new study by the University of Surrey and the University of São Paulo has identified a rural community in Brazil that still follows the earlier sleep and wake pattern similar to pre-industrial times.

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