FHMS Human Resources Team

FHMS HR Manager

Lois Moor

Interim HR Manager

Email: l.moor@surrey.ac.uk
Phone: 01483 686912


FHMS HR Officers

Katherine Heslop

HR Officer - School of Biosciences and Medicine & Surrey Clinical Research Centre (SCRC)

Email: k.heslop@surrey.ac.uk
Phone: 01483 683502 - Monday - Thursday  


Melissa Barrett

HR Officer - School of Veterinary Medicine & School of Psychology

Email: m.l.barrett@surrey.ac.uk
Phone: 01483 684559


Monica Gluhak

Assistant HR Officer - School of Health Sciences & provision of technical and professional support across FHMS including staff within Core Facilities (EBU, Simulation Suite, CL3) 

Email: m.gluhak@surrey.ac.uk
Phone: 01483 684521


FHMS HR Assistants

Our HR Assistants provide support to the team on matters relating to recruitment administration, sickness absence monitoring, engaging Associate/Honorary/Visiting staff and Work Experience students.  

Louise Gibbons 

HR Assistant - School of Health Sciences & School of Psychology

Email: l.gibbons@surrey.ac.uk
Phone: 01483 682549 - Tuesday - Thursday


Ruth Kell

HR Assistant - School of Biosciences and Medicine & Surrey Clinical Research Centre (SCRC)

Email: r.kell@surrey.ac.uk
Phone: 01483 686709 - Monday, Tuesday & Friday


Laura Tyler

HR Assistant - School of Veterinary Medicine; Surrey Clinical Research Centre; and Faculty Admin

Email: l.tyler@surrey.ac.uk
Phone: 01483 682804 - Monday - Friday

Sickness Absence Phone line

Phone: 01483 682540

Shared Inbox

Our HR assistants review and respond to messages left in our shared inbox


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