Research Centres

Faculty Research Centres are either multidisciplinary activities, specific funded units, or are specific networks with external organisations.

Food, Consumer Behaviour and Health Research Centre (FCBH)

From BSE and GM foods to obesity and food labelling, these issues are shaped by both the public response to them and their underlying scientific basis. The FCBH integrates these diverse factors to provide a much-needed understanding of consumer behavior and the morass of facts, myths, perceptions, needs and desires that underlies it.


Environmental Psychology Research Centre (EPRC)

Environmental psychology explores the transactions between people – both individuals and groups – and their physical setting; it gives a prominent place to environmental perceptions, attitudes, evaluations and representations and accompanying behaviour.



Creativity is at the heart of human accomplishments, suffusing our lives. It is shaped by, and expressed within, our family environment, education, friendships, social groups, hobbies, society, culture and occupation.


Surrey Baby Lab

The Surrey Baby Lab was set up in 2000 to investigate how babies and toddlers see colour. Colour is an important part of an infant’s or child’s world and we aim to understand the way in which their colour perception develops.


Surrey Clinical Research Centre (CRC) 

A world class facility and a part of the University of Surrey we have a proven formula for success in clinical research, with a particular emphasis on sleep and human psychopharmacology.


Surrey Sleep Research Centre (SSRC) 

Undertakes a wide range of multidisciplinary and translational studies, in the real world and in the laboratory, with partners in research institutes, the medical community, industry and commerce.


Centre for Research in Nursing & Midwifery Education (CRNME)

Takes an interdisciplinary approach to research within the world-of-work, and research to support new modes of health care education delivery.


International Care Ethics (ICE) Observatory

Directed by Dr Ann Gallagher, is a worldwide collaboration of researchers in ethics in care focussing on issues of morality, professional ethics, philosophy of care, cultural and religious values, law and accountability.


Mobile Health (mHealth)

Aims to develop, evaluate and use the data derived from mHealth technologies to improve patient outcomes and promote improvements in health, social and third sector care provision.


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