Family Interventions for Adults

Foundation Level Training in Family Therapy and Systemic Practice

(Accredited by the Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice)


Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences in partnership with Sussex Partnership NHS Trust


Course outline 

This is a short course, accredited by the AFT (Association of Family Therapy) at Foundation Level. 

It comprises of three 15 credit modules at level 6 or 7:

  • Introduction to Family Interventions
  • Application to Practice for Psychosis / Application to Practice for Dementia
  • Widening Practice, Working with Larger Systems

Please note: students need to select the psychosis or dementia pathway for module 2.   

To complete the course and receive AFT accreditation students must complete all three modules

Intended course benefits

Staff will be able to:

  • Deliver family and carer interventions in and across the relevant pathways: to facilitate family meetings, discuss the impact of dementia and mental health challenges on family; improve communication and problem-solving
  • Have increased capacity to deliver psychological interventions recommended in national guidance and research literature
  • Collaboratively work with families to support client and family experience and recovery
  • Improve service efficiencies through: better longer-term outcomes e.g. reduce relapse in people with psychosis; improve wellbeing, and reduce use of  inpatient and residential care
  • Be an additional resource for other staff, through co-working and sharing of family and systemic theories and practices
  • Use the course as evidence towards revalidation  or evidencing your CPD

Pre-requisites of study

  • Undergraduate degree or equivalent (eg. Nursing registration).
  • Core mental health professional training or equivalent e.g. Nursing, OT, social work, Clinical/Counselling Psychology, Psychiatry, PGCE
  • Extensive clinical practice in mental health
  • Able to actively contribute to the delivery of psychologically based interventions with people with psychosis or dementia
  • Line manager support to work with at least two families during the period of training and to deliver family interventions ongoing after completing the course
  • Line manager support to attend the teaching days and supervision sessions and to attend ongoing supervision and annual CPD to maintain practice
  • Reference from manager and clinical supervisor
  • Currently working in a role, appropriate for family interventions to be incorporated into the job description or job plan during and after training*

Delivery of course

  • 18 taught days from Sept 2016 – July 2017  at Sussex Education Centre
  • 10  (2 hour) group supervision sessions from Dec 2016 – Sept 2017
  • Written assessments for each module and supervisor feedback for second module
  • Experience of working with at least two families
  • Three x 15 credit modules at level 6 (final year undergraduate level) or level 7 (Masters level) from University of Surrey- you must register for these modules with the School of Health Sciences, University of Surrey
  • Systemic and psychosocial intervention approaches
  • Accredited by AFT (Association of Family Therapy and Systemic Practice) at Foundation Level

Please note: all students will need to practice alongside another family worker for the practice component of module 2 (from January to the summer of 2016). 

We recommend that the co-worker should be another student on the course, external applicants will find it advantageous to apply in pairs.

Applicants not working in an NHS setting where they can carry out family interventions with local field supervision, will need to see families as part of a clinical placement with Sussex Partnership NHS Trust with an honorary contract Applicants will be required to have completed statutory training such as information governance, safeguarding of adults and children and have a current DBS check. 

If you will need a clinical placement, please contact the course organisers at an early stage to discuss this.

School of Health Sciences

Course facts


45 (3 x 15 credit modules)

Level of study

Level 6 (BSc) or 7 (MSc)

Module dates

2016 - Sep 9, 23; Oct 7, 21; Nov 4, 25; Dec 9

2017 - Jan 6, 20; Feb 10; Mar 3, 24; Apr 21; May 5, 19; Jun 9, 23, Jul 14 


Sussex Education Centre, Hove, Brighton

Course fees


Course contacts

For discussion about the course, please contact: 

Tanya Smart (

Sara Meddings (

Application details

Please contact Education and Training at for the application form and fuller course details. 

Please complete and send your application along with your references to

Application deadline

Applications must be submitted by 18th July 2016 12.00 hours to guarantee a place.  

Late applicants please contact: for further information.

Interview dates

  • 29th July, 2016

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