Research Facilities

The Institute for Communication Systems (formerly the Centre for Communication Systems Research, CCSR) holds a number of research facilities, which are detailed in the following sections:

 • Our in house anechoic chamber and wideband channel sounder – both facilities are available for rent with accompanying personnel for carrying out measurements on short term projects.

 • Future Internet Platform - provides access to the University’s ‘smart campus’ infrastructure as an innovative playground to both industry and academia partners.

Software modelling tools – both at physical layer as well as at other network layers.

Networks lab testbed – for purposes of emulating different computer network topologies.

Satellite networking testbed – developed in partnership with Rohde and Schwarz.

Wireless network testbed – for researching integration of different wireless network technologies.

Wireless sensor network lab – which is continuously updating its sensor network test platforms.

Anechoic Chamber

Research in the anechoic chamber

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