Dr Muhammad Ali Imran

Research Interests

Energy Efficiency of Wireless Systems

Interference management for cellular communication

Emission reduction for wireless devices

Smart Spaces and use of technology for energy efficiency

Intelligent and Self-organising cellular networks

Communication techniques for next generation of cellular systems

Fundamental performance limits of wireless cellular networks

Research Collaborations

I have active collaborations with researchers from different parts of the world: Europe, Middle East, China, Brazil, Australia and the Subcontinent (India and Pakistan).

I am also leading the multidisciplinary research collaborating with researchers in Psychology, Environmental Studies, Economic modelling and Scholarship of Teaching.

Further details can be found on my personal web page.

A full list of publications, conference presentations, and patents can be found here.


ELEC III (University of Surrey, UK):
2012 Module Coordinator
2nd Year UG course covering Differential Equations, Laplace transforms and applications, Circuit Analysis and Communication Systems for a group of around 80 students

ELEC IV (University of Surrey, UK):
Electronics and Communication Systems: 20 Hours of Lectures for second year undergraduate students. A group of around 70 students.

EE2.COM (University of Surrey, UK):
Spring 2009
Wireless Communications: 12 Hours of Lectures for second year undergraduate students. A group of around 80 students.

EE3.DCM (University of Surrey, UK):
2008 - 2012
Digital Communication and Modulation: 20 Hours of Lectures for final year undergraduate students and MSc students. A group of around 100 students.

Emerging Technologies in Mobile Communications (University of Surrey, Short Course for Modular MSc):
Spring 2010,2011,2012, 2013

Lecture Series (University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan):
Winter 2012
Fundamentals of Wireless Communications - short seminar

Lecture Series (University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila, Pakistan):
Winter 2012
Teaching the teachers: Wireless Communications - 20 Hours of Lectures 

Lecture Series (National University of Science & Technology, Pakistan):
Summer 2008
Wireless Channel Modelling and Simulations - 30 Hours of Lectures and Lab sessions

Demonstrations/Teaching Assistance (Imperial College London):
Fall 2002 - 06
Electronics Laboratory
Compilers Laboratory
First Year and Second Year Tutorials
Computer Programming Helpdesk

Departmental Duties

Post Graduate Admissions Tutor (for Subcontinent Region and Greece)

Visiting Tutor to Professional Training Year Placement students

Member of course review panel

Member of subcommittee for Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee


Senior Member IEEE

Fellow of Higher Education Academy

Academic Supervision and Examinations

PhD Graduated
[2008] Dr Konstantinou, Kostas – working in wireless communication consultancy
[2009] Dr Chatzinotas, Symeon – working in academia (Luxemberg)
[2010] Dr Katranaras, Efstathios – working in academia (UK)
[2010] Dr Kaltakis, Dimitrios – working in TFL (UK)
[2010] Dr Datta, Subha – working in chemical industry (optimisation)
[2010] Dr Majid, Muhammad – working in industry
[2011] Dr Khan, Ammar Hussain – Inmarsat, UK
[2011] Dr Shateri, Majid – Communications consultancy
[2011] Dr Imran, Ali – working in academia (Qatar)
[2011] Dr Hassaan Touheed – RIM Blackberry
[2012] Dr Amir Akbari – working in academia (UK)
[2012] Dr Razieh Razavi – working in academia (UK)
[2012] Dr Glenn Aliu – working in Industry as a researcher (Germany)
[2012] Dr Kayode Onireti – working in academia (UK)
[2013] Dr Mohammed Al-Imari - working in academia (UK)
[2013] Juan Awad

Current PhD Supervision

Thesis submitted:

Writing up:
Talal Alsediary

In Progress:
David Muirhead
Ahmed Zoha
Collin O'Reilly
Wuchen Tang
Amine Amich
Sobhan Navaratnarajah
Arsalan Saeed

First Year:
Lei Wen
Iman Akbari

PhD Examined
[2010] Dr Sadegh Fazel-Falavarjani
[2010] Dr Mehrdad Shariat
[2010] Dr Mohammed Abaii
[2011] Dr Allahyar Yarmohammed
[2011] Dr Mo Zhu
[2011] Dr Ayesha Ijaz
[2011] Dr Olasunkanmi Durowoju
[2012] Dr Mahdi Pirmoradian – University of Kingston
[2012] Dr Noor I Abdul Razak – King’s College London
[2012] Dr Ibrar Shah – University of Brunel
[2012] Dr Chong Han
[2012] Dr Syed Shah Irfan Hussain – UET Lahore, Pakistan
[2013] Dr Andrew Adekunle - University of Greenwich

MPhil/PhD Confirmation Exam
[2009] Ayesha Ijaz
[2009] Xiabo Yu
[2009] Bruce Mcaleer
[2010] Chong Han
[2010] Juan Awad
[2010] Chrysovalantis Kosta
[2011] Bahareh Jalilli
[2011] Tomasz Mach
[2011] Parisa Chiraghi
[2011] Emmanouil Pateromichelakis
[2012] Jue Cao
[2012] Mohammed Sabagh
[2013] Tengku Faiz Mohamed Noor Izam
[2013] Ricardo Bassoli

PhD Thesis Review/Examination in Pakistan
• “Multiuser Communication Techniques based on OFDM” by Mr Habib ur Rehman, CASE UET Taxila, Pakistan
• “Symbol Detection in MIMO systems” by Sajid Bashir, CASE UET Taxila, Pakistan
• “Range sidelobe suppression in phase coded radar applications” by Aamir Hussain, EME College, NUST, Pakistan
• “Performance improvement of downlink beamforming algorithms in wireless channels” by Syed Shah Irfan Hussain – University of Engineering Lahore, Pakistan

Research Fellows
Dr Fabien Heliot
Dr Yinan Qi
Dr Efstathios Katranaras
Dr Jing Jiang
Dr Omer Waqar
Dr Amir Akbari

MSc/MEng Project Supervision

Charles Acolatse

Mr Mohammad Irfan
Ms Panayiota Christodoulaki
Mr Rejoy George
Mr Subhankar Chatterjee
Mr Ali Torajizadeh
Mr M Hosseini
Mr Yogesh Apar

Mr Chinaemerem Nwankwo
Mr Zhipeng Chen
Mr Hamel Shah
Mr Rakesh Teja Matta
Mr Naif Aldaafas
Mr Apostolos Papoutsidakis
Mr Danial Ghabra
Mr Aji Valliyathuparampil Philip
Mr Arsalan Saeed
Mr Wenbo Fan
Mr Y Dong
Mr O Ajibawo
Mr Yousaf Sambo

Mr Yahya Saeed
Mr Junwei Tang
Mr Maksym Iarovyi

Undergraduate Projects:
Firat Nur
Hao Zheng
Rajiv Packiyalingam
Yifan Wu
Shu Liu
Mohammad Devjianie
Quang Nguyen

Professional Training Year Tutor
Mr Dominic Lane – CMAC Technology
Mr Fraser Mason – National Grid, Isle of Grain
Mr Alexander Meerman – ACE Axis
Mr William Burris– ACE Axis

Mr Luke Testa – Qualcomm Farnborough
Tristian Hughes – ARM Cambridge
Syed Rafique – Qualcomm Farnborough
Andreas Galanomatis – RIM Cambridge

Personal Tutor
Nicholas Day
Hoa Do Danh
Ionnis Hadjicharalambous
Reinis Rudzits
Josh Wreford
Ahmed Al-Aidaus

Benedict Chapman
Szu-Hsun Chen
Christopher Corris
Ugur Sahbaz
Vijit Rakubala (joining 2012)

Samuel Tyler
Jacob Willey
Pawel Zackiewicz

Technical Experience

Service Desk Specialist (part-time)
2003 - 06
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT): IT support at Imperial College London.

Design Engineer
1999 - 2001
And-Or Logic, Inc. Islamabad, Pakistan

Contact Me


My office hours

Wednesday, 1100-1200 hrs

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