Research in the School of Law

Themes and Centres

Legal research has been conducted at the University of Surrey for nearly 40 years.  Interests cover a range of subject areas and focus particularly on research groupings in European and International Law. This established research culture enables the School to provide a stimulating and supportive environment for both undergraduate and postgraduate research or taught  programmes.  Prominent speakers and visitors contribute to the School’s teaching and research activity. Regular research seminars are held and all are welcome.


This multi-institutional project involves Professor Rosalind Malcolm and Dr Thoko Kaime from the School of Law.

The 3K-SAN project aims to identify and evaluate strategies for catalysing self-sustaining sanitation chains in low-income informal settlements in African cities. The 3K-SAN project is developing and evaluating strategies for catalysing self-sustaining sanitation chains in low-income informal settlements in Kisumu (Kenya), Kampala (Uganda) and Kigali (Rwanda). Identification of commonalities and differences between these areas is being used to develop broader best-practice guidelines for comparable interventions in similar settlements throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Combating Corruption

In a competitive business environment, it is not unknown for international businesses, be they small, multinational or transnational to engage in corrupt practices. Only since the 1990s has corruption been openly acknowledged as a hindrance to economic development. resulting in a number of corruption related international treaties from, among others, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the United Nations.

Prof Indira Carr's AHRC sponsored project, Combating Corruption in International Business: Limitations of Law, seeks to extend the understanding and analysis of the current international legal and non-legal framework to combat corruption.

Environmental Law

The Environmental Regulatory Research Group is based at the School of Law in the University of Surrey. The Group deals with four main areas: Climate Change, Environmental and Public Health, Natural Resources, and Water. 

European Law

The Surrey European Law Unit brings together scholars with the unique objective of pursuing the development of academic and practical research into the wider European sphere of the European Union, the Council of Europe and Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

International Law

International Law is now a feature of all aspects of international relations. The growth of international institutions, courts, and conventions illustrate that there has never been a more critical time to engage in the study of international law. The International Law Centre is a research and teaching centre within the School of Law at the University of Surrey providing a forum to research, discuss and contribute to the debate surrounding these issues.

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