School of Law Working Papers Series

The Surrey Law Working Papers (SLWP) Series seeks academic working papers in any legal subjects. All received papers will go through light review. The authors can later publish the final versions of their papers in academic journals. The Surrey Law Working Papers Series is an excellent opportunity for both legal academics and students to disseminate their research output on the early stages of the research projects, invite comments and secure publication of an updated copy.

All papers will be published in hard copies and circulated among British and Irish law schools. All papers will also be uploaded on the SLWP website. They will be available in open access.

The papers should follow the OSCOLA referencing style and should not be longer than 20000 words (4000 words for the short notes section) however the longer submissions will be considered. A short (50-100 words) abstract of the article should be supplied. Authors should state their present academic or professional affiliation. 

Please submit your papers to Dr Ebenezer Adodo

Current issue

Daniel Davison-Vecchione Forgive Us Our Trespasses (111.75KB - Requires Adobe Reader)

Short Note

Kelong Problems Relating to the Place of Performance for Payment of Damages and the Admissibility of Set-Off Claims under Article 74 CISG (363.3KB - Requires Adobe Reader)   Daniel Davison-Vecchione An Estoppel by Any Other Name (216.14KB - Requires Adobe Reader) Sergey Golubok Is insignificance now significant? Overview of the existing case law of the European Court of Human Rights on the new admissibility criterion introduced by Protocol No 14 (191.96KB - Requires Adobe Reader)


Case comments

Michael Connolly Seldon v Clarkson Wright and Jakes [2012] UKSC 16 (186.71KB - Requires Adobe Reader)


Previous Issues

Ryan Yates To What Extent Is an Erosion of Strate Sovereignty Necessary to Secure the Future Stability of Sovereign Debt in the European Union? (449.85KB - Requires Adobe Reader) Emile McHarsky-Todoroff State of the Union: A Critical Analysis of the EU Framework for Future Fiscal Crisis Management and Philipp Tamblé Measures of general application and (national) constitutional principles: Undermining the citizen/state relationship (376.67KB - Requires Adobe Reader) Pessi Honkasalo Reforming Copyright Law. National Lawmaker’s Checklist (507.25KB - Requires Adobe Reader)   Antoine Martin and Mulugeta M. Ayalew, Acquiring Land for Agricultural Purposes: 'Land Grab' or agri-FDI? (912.41KB - Requires Adobe Reader)



Antoine Martin, Implementation as the Best Way to Tackle Corruption: a Study of the UNCAC and the AUC 2003 (1103.57KB - Requires Adobe Reader)



Juan J. García Blesa On the correct approach to the interpretation of the United Nations Security Council resolutions relevant to the UK’s military intervention against Iraq (113.22KB - Requires Adobe Reader)



Lorna Okoto, Mulugeta Ayalew, Jonathan Clenoweth, Rosalind Malcolm, Steve Pedley and Yacob Mulugetta, The Establishment of Legal Framework for Independent and Small-scale Water Providers: Report Presented at Case Study Workshop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia an (3115.34KB - Requires Adobe Reader)



Gabriela Oanta and Francesco Sindico, Rural Development and Tourism in Romania: A Community and National [Legal] Perspective (951.59KB - Requires Adobe Reader)



Walters Nsoh and Francesco Sindico, Workshop Report: From Production to Consumption: Legal and Policy Challenges for a New Approach to Climate Change (721.09KB - Requires Adobe Reader)



Indira Carr and Opi Outhwaithe Investigating Corruption in International Business (824.63KB - Requires Adobe Reader)



Indira Carr, The Principal Agent-Client Model and the Southern African Development Community Anti-Corruption Protocol (1859.58KB - Requires Adobe Reader)

Managerial Editors

Charlie Eastaugh
Sanna Katariina Elfving
Evelyn Ehigie
Anastasia Karatzia
Miriam Sheikh 

James Tutu

Tamaraudoubra Tom Egbe




Dr Ebenezer Adodo

Editorial Board

Professor Indira Carr (University of Surrey)
Dr Donal Coffey (University of Surrey)
Dr Fiona de Londras (UCD)
Professor  Brice Dickson (Queen's University Belfast)
Dr Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou (University of Surrey)
Dr Emily Finch (University of Surrey)
Professor Alison Firth (University of Surrey)
Dr Brian Flanagan (NUI Maynooth)
Dr Pessi Honkasalo (Krogerus Attorneys)
Professor John Jackson (University of Nottingham)
Dr Theodore Konstadinides (University of Surrey)
Dr Conor O'Mahony (UCC)
Dr Jane Marriott (University of Surrey)
Dr Renginee Pillay (University of Surrey)

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