A grammar of the Kokota language

Santa Isabel, Solomon Islands.

A PhD dissertation by Bill Palmer

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A grammar of the Kokota language,
Santa Isabel,
Solomon Islands
Bill Palmer
A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy
Department of Linguistics
The University of Sydney

Preliminary pages

Table of contents

Abbreviations & Orthography




Chapter 1: Introduction.

Chapter 2: Segmental phonology.

Chapter 3: Stress and prosody.

Chapter 4: Nominals and Noun Phrases.

Chapter 5: Minor argument types.

Chapter 6: Possession.

Chapter 7: Argument structure.

Chapter 8: The verb complex.

Chapter 9: Clause structure.

Chapter 10: Imperative and interrogative constructions.

Chapter 11: Complex sentences.




Appendix 1: Calculating speaker numbers.

Appendix 2: Phoneme, onset, cluster, nucleus and diphthong type frequencies; and source word list.

Appendix 3: Stress data.

Appendix 4: Gestures.