About the E H Shepard Archive

What is in the E.H. Shepard Archive?

The E.H. Shepard Archive contains the bulk of Mr. Shepard's personal papers, including:

  • Legal, financial, and business papers
  • Personal papers and ephemera [written and printed matter not necessarily meant to be kept]: school reports, travel documents, and personal mementoes (including his OBE certificate);
  • Objects, like a truncheon he used as a special constable, items of his World War I uniform, and art supplies including his travelling art case;
  • Books, including books he illustrated and a reference collection on his career, illustration, and Pooh;
  • Business and personal correspondence spanning more than 90 years, including hundreds of letters written while serving in World War I;
  • Business diaries spanning nearly 75 years;
  • Personal and family photographs;
  • Hundreds of pieces of original artwork in different media, including work created at the front during World War I (some framed for display);
  • Manuscripts for speeches, broadcasts, articles, and books, including unpublished memoir material;
  • Extensive files of press clippings.

The archive also holds files of more contemporary press clippings about Mr. Shepard's work and the rights to the Winnie-the-Pooh franchise, publicity materials and lists of items shown at exhibition, and other material related to its past, current, and future work. These have not yet been organised, however, and are closed to researchers except in exceptional circumstances.


What is not in the E.H. Shepard Archive?

The E.H. Shepard Archive holds only a part of Mr. Shepard's vast artistic output. Some was sold during his lifetime, while some went to other archives and museums. In particular, the following (with a few exceptions, which are noted in the E.H. Shepard Archive catalogue) are not here:

  • Final and coloured drawings for Winnie-the-Pooh and The Wind in the Willows : these are, in general, held by the publishers of these books – Egmont in the UK and Dutton in the US . Coloured drawings were generally used for special editions and book jackets
  • Pencil sketches for Winnie-the-Pooh : some 300 in all, donated to the V&A by Mr Shepard in 1969 (for his 90 th birthday).
  • Political cartoons from Punch : Mr. Shepard donated 109 of these to the British Cartoon Archive at the University of Kent in 1973. The remainder are likely to be in the Punch Archive at Harrods, or the Cartoon Museum in London .
  • Artwork dealing with the World Wars : some was donated to the Imperial War Museum and the Australian National War Memorial by Norah Carroll Shepard, his second wife, after his death.


Mr. Shepard sold other items into private hands or to universities (including the University of Southern Mississippi and Western Michigan University ); the archive holds auction catalogues for a few of these sales.

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