Document Delivery

Requesting a photocopy: the Document Delivery service

Please use this service for material which you cannot access via the Online Library.

1. Items held in stock

DiLIS can provide photocopies of journal articles or extracts from published works held in the University Library. Requests must comply with the Copyright licence held by the University. This is a partially subsidised service and there is a charge per completed request.

The current charge per request is £3.00 (for addresses in the UK) and £5.00 (for addresses outside the UK). The charge is added to your Borrower account and we ask you to clear the charge promptly. You will be sent an account every 3 months for any outstanding charges for Document Delivery and DiLIS cannot then be used until the Document Delivery charge is settled in full.

How to use the Document Delivery service

You must have full details of the journal article or book extract that you require. To comply with Copyright law, each request must come with a signed copyright declaration that the copy will only be used for research for a non-commercial purpose or for private study.

  • Step 1
    If you are looking for a journal article, go to the Library’s Online Library page first to check that the item you require is not available in full text online
  • Step 2
    If the item is not available online check the Library Catalogue to confirm details of items (journal or book titles) held in the University Library
  • Step 3
    Print off and complete the Document Delivery request form below

Document Delivery Request Form (26.57KB - Requires Adobe Reader)


  • Step 4
    Once you have completed the form in full, sign the Copyright Declaration. Each form must have the personal signature of the person making the request. A stamped or typewritten signature is not acceptable
  • Step 5
    Post or fax the form to DiLIS. You may also send the completed form as a scanned email attachment. Before sending the form, please check that all the sections are completed and legible, or delivery of the item may be delayed.
    (Paper copies of the Document Delivery Request form are also available from DiLIS.)

How long does it take?

We do not start processing a request until we have received a signed request form. We aim to process your form within 2 working days of receipt. A copy from an item held within the University Library will usually be sent to you within 5 working days (often less). It may take longer if the item is not on the shelves or is with another reader. You will be informed if there will be a delay in sending the material to you.

We strongly advise you to order article copies in good time for your work deadlines.

Copyright - UK Copyright law and the licence granted to the University directly impacts on the copying of material for distance learning students and you should be aware of the conditions under which this part of the DiLIS provision is offered. The current licence limits copying to the following per individual student:

  • No more than one article in one issue of a serial publication (journal) or in a set of conference proceedings;
  • No more than 5% of a single book or one complete chapter in a book
  • One short story or one poem not exceeding 10 pages in length contained in an anthology;
  • The entire report of a single case in a set of published judicial proceedings.

For more detailed information about Copyright, please consult the Copyright Licencing Agency web pages.

2. Items not in stock

If the journal is neither available online nor held in stock by the Library you may ask for a copy of the article to be requested from another library via the Interlibrary Loan service. Copyright conditions also apply as for items in stock.

If you are registered on an undergraduate or taught postgraduate course please complete the Document Delivery form - as for an in stock item - from Step 3 above.

Document Delivery Request Form (26.57KB - Requires Adobe Reader)

We will then obtain the necessary authorisation from your Department before processing the request to the British Library - so please allow time for your request to be authorised when making your interlibrary requests.

NB: you may select the Secure Electronic Delivery (SED) option and receive the article direct to a personal computer.

This is the electronic delivery of a scanned print article from the British Library, requested through the Interlibrary loan process. It does not give access to an electronic publication

This is an alternative to, not a replacement for, to the delivery of interlibrary articles in hard copy, which is still available to you.

Please note:

  • Your Department/Faculty will still have to approve each request before submission to the British Library
  • You can only request journal articles or book chapters to be delivered by SED. Books and full journal issues ordered from the British Library can only be made available in hard copy, and would have to be collected in person from the University Library.
  • The SED service uses printed journals and books as its source material. If a publication is only available online, the British Library will be unable to deliver a copy due to publisher licence restrictions.
  • You must be able to access your university email account off campus

If this option is not selected (or is not available for your request) we will post the material to you once it arrives from the British Library. If you are in the UK the first class rate for large letters will be added to your library account. If you are outside the UK, you will be charged at the appropriate airmail rate.

Part-time Research students

You already have the option of ordering interlibrary article requests online and downloading a copyright form for signature via the Library Catalogue and using the British Library's Secure Electronic Delivery service.

You may use the DiLIS Document Delivery form (above) as your copyright form if this is helpful, and if you choose not to use Secure Electronic delivery, DiLIS will post interlibrary articles to you but you will be charged for postage as above.

Please email if you have any queries about the Secure Delivery option or using the Interlibrary Loan service.