Official Statistics

Official statistics are those produced by Government bodies (such as the Office for National Statistics in the UK), other national governments or international agencies (for example the OECD, IMF or UN). They are often produced in the first instance to aid policy making.

Non-official Statistics

Non-official statistics are produced by non-governmental groups such as trade associations, local authorities, quangoes and private companies.

Online Statistics

  • National Statistics - The site for the UK's official statistics, it includes information on the economy, population, and society. The Publication Hub is a gateway to government department statistics.
  • UK Data Service - provides access to over 6,000 digital data collections of quantitative and qualitative key economic and social data  for research.  Datasets include OECD, IMF, World Bank and IEA.  Registration is required before data can be accessed: click on the "Login" link at the top right of the screen, then click on "Login to the UK Data Service".  If you have not already registered, you will be prompted to do so.
  • - searchable website of UK government public data.
  • London datastore - created by the Greater London Authority (GLA) providing access to data from the GLA and other public organisations.
  • Eurostat -The EU Statistical Office. It is possible to view structural, long, and short term indicators free of charge as well as the online version of Statistics in Focus which provides information on key statistical surveys.
  • IMF - Real, fiscal, financial and socio-demographic data provided via the UK Data Service.  Registration is required before data can be accessed: click on the "Login" link at the top right of the screen, then click on "Login to the UK Data Service".  If you have not already registered, you will be prompted to do so.
  • OECD - Key data on OECD countries ranging from agriculture, food and health to trade and transport. Registration is required before data can be accessed: click on the "Login" link at the top right of the screen, then click on "Login to the UK Data Service".  If you have not already registered, you will be prompted to do so.
  • United Nations UN data - UN statistical databases are searchable through the single entry point of UNdata.  It provides access to Country Profiles and covers these such as agriculture, education, industry and tourism.
  • UN Yearbook - access to all edition of the United Nations yearbook.  Based on UN documents it covers UN activities including economic and social questions.
  • World Bank - Includes country profiles and several databases including education, gender, health, nutrition and poverty.
  • WHO - database bringing together core health statistics for the 194 WHO Member States. It comprises of more than 70 indicators.
  • WTO - International trade and tariff data from the World Trade Organization.
  • UNWTO - World Tourism Organization is a United Nations agency responsible for promoting sustainable and accessible tourism.  The programmes link includes statistics and market trends.

Printed sources of statistics

  • The printed collection is split into 2 sections, Statistics monographs and Statistics Journals.
  • These collections are both on the Level 2
  • Check SurreySearch for details

The most useful guide to UK official statistics:

Guide to Official Statistics (2000) - located at shelf mark 016.3141/GUI on Level 4.

An alphabetical index at the back of this work covers the huge and surprising variety of subjects upon which the government produces statistics, including all market sectors.

The most useful guide to non-official statistics:

Sources of Non-official UK statistics - located at shelf mark 016.3141/SOUI on Level 4.  

This gives details of nearly 1,000 publications and services (including electronic publications) produced by trade associations, professional bodies, banks, consultancies, employers' federations, forecasting organizations and others, together with statistics appearing in trade journals and periodicals.

Key Statistical Titles

This listing is grouped by jurisdiction, with general UK statistical compilations first, followed by subject specific compilations for the UK, then European sources, then International sources.

  • Annual Abstract of Statistics (Statistics Journals from 1935- ): comprehensive source of UK statistical data on a wide range of subjects, e.g. population, employment, finance. Most tables span 10 years.
  • Monthly Digest of Statistics (Statistics Journals from 1987- ): this brings figures in the Annual Abstract of Statistics up-to-date.
  • Family Spending (Statistics Journals 1990-): data is collected on the characteristics of households, employment, household expenditure.
  • Opinions and Lifestyle Survey available at UK Data Service online (registration required): formerly General Lifestyle Survey (Statistics Journals 2008-2012) General Household Survey (Statistics journal 1971-1993, 2003-2007 for 1994-2001 see Living in Britain) Covers 5 main areas: population, housing, employment, education and health.
  • Social Trends (Statistics Journals from 1970-): A very useful source of data on a range of subjects such as population, education, health, housing, lifestyles. Provides graphs and explanatory text.
  • Regional Trends (Statistics Journals from 1981-): A useful compilation of social and economic data broken down by regions. A section on European Union is also available.

Crime & Justice

  • Criminal Justice Statistics (2010-): formerly Criminal Statistics: England and Wales (Statistics Journals 1984-2009).
  • Home Office Statistical Bulletin – recorded crime in England & Wales (Statistics Journals 1979-2006) and then available online.


  • Economic Trends (Statistics Journals 1968-2006) Then changes title to Economic and Labour Market Review (Statistics Journals 2007- available online)
  • United Kingdom Balance of Payments ("Pink book") – internal figures (Statistics Journals 1965-) online
  • United Kingdom National Accounts ("Blue book") – external figures (Statistics Journals 1984-) online

Education & Training

  • Education and Training Statistics for the United Kingdom (Statistics Journals 1997-) Formerly Education Statistics for the United Kingdom (Statistics Journals 1967-1996) 1998 - available online
    Items published by HESA (the Higher Education Statistics Agency) eg Students in Higher Education Institutions (Statistics Journals 1994/95-2008/09)


  • Labour Market Trends (Statistics Journals 1994-2006). Then Economic and Labour Market Review (Statistics Journals 2007-) online


  • Digest of UK Energy Statistics (Statistics Journals 1972-)

Health & Social Care

  • Health Survey for England (shelved with main book collection check SurreySearch for details). The Office for National Statistics now provides a lot of health and social care statistics online such as Accidents and injuries, Child health, Diet and nutrition, National Health Service, Patient Care, Mental Health Services
  • Sources of Social Statistics: Health Services and Public Health - is a House of Commons briefing paper (opens as a pdf document) and is a guide to key statistical sources for health and social care including links to relevant websites.


  • Population Trends (Statistics Journals 1975-2001)

Social and Welfare

  • Abortion Statistics: England and Wales (Statistics Journals 1974-2001)
  • Births in England and Wales (Statistics Journals 2009-) Formerly Birth Statistics (1974-2008)
  • General Household Survey - includes figures on smoking, drinking, contraception etc (Statistics Journals 1971-1993; 2003-2007), then see Living in Britian (Statistics Journals 1994-2001), then see General Lifestyle Survey (Statistics Journals 2008-2012) Opinions and Lifestyle Survey available at UK Data Service online (registration required).
  • Marriage and Divorce Statistics: England and Wales (Statistics Journals 1974-1994) then see Marriage, Divorce and Adoption Statistics (Statistics Journals 1995-1999; 2002-2007)
  • Mortality Statistics: Series DR, : Deaths registered in....(Statistics Journals 2006-) Formerly Mortality Statistics: General: Series DH1, Mortality Statistics: Cause: Series DH2, and Mortality Statistics: Series DH4: Injury and Poisoning
  • Social Focus on …(Young people; the unemployed; Women and Men, Older people; Ethnic minorities; Families; Women).  To find these items please use SurreySearch.


  • Business Monitor: Overseas trade statistics:UK trade with the European Community and the World (Statistics Journals1998-2009)
  • UK trade info - regional, EU and non EU overseas trade statistics from HM Revenue & Customs


  • Transport Statistics, Great Britain. (Statistics Journals 1964 – 2003)

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