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Frequently Asked Questions on e-theses and e-thesis submission, identifiers, and open access.

Electronic Theses FAQs

Do I still need to hand in two hard-bound copies of my thesis?

No. From March 2015 you are no longer required to deposit a printed copy of your thesis. You are required to deposit the electronic copy in SRI Open Access.

Which degrees are covered by the new regulations relating to theses?

All research degrees which currently require students to submit a thesis to the Library will be affected. Taught postgraduate dissertations are not covered by the regulation change.

What will happen if I fail to deposit an electronic version of my thesis?

You will not be permitted to graduate until you have deposited an electronic version of your thesis.

How will people find theses held in SRI Open Access?

The repository can be searched locally, but it is also harvested by major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Details of your thesis will also be made available via the EThOS Service.

What file format does my thesis need to be in?

For preservation purposes, we recommend rtf format. However, you can also convert your thesis into a pdf file.  

How do I deposit multimedia files associated with my thesis/dissertation?

Any type of file can be deposited in SRI Open Access. If your work includes images, sound or movie files which are separate from the text of your thesis/dissertation, you are encouraged to deposit these as supplementary files.

What do I do if my thesis contains 3rd party copyright material?

For information on this see Including third party copyright material  in your thesis.

What do I do if I want to include works I have published within my thesis?

For details of what to do see the section on including your own material within your thesis within Including third party copyright material in your thesis.

Can I restrict access to my thesis?

For information on the options that may be open to you see Restricting access to your thesis.

How do I get help?

For further information and advice e-mail

If I deposit my thesis on SRI Open Access, who does the copyright of the thesis belong to?

The copyright of your thesis belongs to you. PhD students have always been advised to mark their thesis as copyright. For online theses, we also recommend you specify under which terms - licence - you are sharing your thesis.

What is a Creative Commons (CC) licence?

A Creative Commons licence protects you as the author of the work and clarifies (and limits) the uses that others may make of your work without them needing to ask you for permission.

What is the most advisable CC licence for sharing my thesis?

The recommended licence is Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike , and this can be selected when you are uploading your thesis. See the guidelines.

Identifiers FAQ'S

What is ORCID?

ORCID is a unique identifier for you. It stands for Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier.

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