Mind Mapping Techniques

A workshop delivered by Marcio De Lazzari, on the basis of his own experience

Information is available through a vast range of different channels. Whether accessed via the internet, databases, newspapers or books, information is all around us. Nowadays the challenge is not how to get easy access to this information, but how fast this access can be. At the same time, there is increasing demand for other kinds of resources (e.g. time, tasks, finances) to be managed effectively, and this is certainly the case for busy research students. After all, any research study (such as a PhD) is a project that requires careful management of information and a wide range of other resources.

With this in mind, this interactive and practical workshop aims to illustrate how information can be managed more efficiently, by introducing a range of mind mapping techniques. The workshop provides the opportunity to list the tasks, subjects, areas, and types of information that you need to manage. By focusing on information management, you’ll learn how to reduce the time you spend searching for information, and avoiding wasting time with unnecessary searches. The workshop also demonstrates how mind mapping techniques are useful for project management, as they can help you to manage resources such as time and individual tasks.

During the workshop participants will: 
• Learn how to use mind mapping techniques to improve in information management in your subject area
• Familiarise yourself with mind mapping techniques, which will help you to organize information
• Improve your skills in managing ideas, information and projects by using online tools


Disclaimer: This workshop is designed, and be led by a Postgraduate, or Early Career Researcher. This workshop has been created in accordance with the guidelines of the Student-led workshop scheme. The Student-led Workshop scheme has been designed to enable researchers to share knowledge, experience, or practical skills to the best of their ability. The responsibility for the content and accuracy of the workshop lies with the researcher, and not with the Researcher Development Programme.

For more information about the Student-led workshop scheme, or if you are interested in leading your own workshop, please email

Recommended for:
All stages of study and research staff


Workshop dates:

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