DOI – the identifier for articles, data and theses

DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier. A DOI is an alphanumeric persistent identifier for any physical, digital or abstract entity, such as journal articles, data sets, theses, videos, etc.
- permanently and unambiguously identifies the output to which the DOI is associated
- links all the details – metadata - of your output with the actual paper or dataset.
- helps discoverability.
- is persistent.

What does it mean for you?

You can find, identify and cite your own work and that of others with confidence.
Once a DOI is allocated to your work, e.g. journal article or dataset, it will always apply to it. For instance, your publication might change its owner as a result of a merger; but the DOI does not change.
DOIs can also resolve with certainty that your paper which is stored in different locations is indeed the same. For instance, if your journal article is on the publisher’s website, in a subject repository and an institutional repository, a DOI will ascertain that this is the same publication.

DOIs can also help to distinguish your paper from the underlying data set and cite both of them accordingly.
DOIs and their associated standardised metadata help plagiarism screening, cited-by linking, text and data mining, etc.
Do you know that Surrey can mint DOIs for you?
The University of Surrey holds a licence to assign DOIs to data sets. All DOIs assigned by the University of Surrey need to be registered, and be compliant with the requirements of the DataCite organisation.

To get a DOI, just follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Download the Metadata Request Spreadsheet.
2. Complete the spreadsheet, providing as much as possible.*
3. Send this spreadsheet to
That’s it! We will mint the DOI creating a publicly open record in Surrey Research Insight Open Access repository. We will then email you with the DOI. The DOI is part of the record and can be found in the “Identification number” field.
*Remember that all the information you provided us with will be the metadata of your dataset. The more information you gave us, the better metadata is associated to your output and the more discoverable and citeable your output is.
Please Note: once the DOI has been coined, your Metadata Record will be immediately available to the public. If you are concerned that this could be an issue for publishers, it may be appropriate to wait until your publication has been reviewed and accepted before requesting a Metadata Record and DOI.
Please remember to include the DOI for your dataset in the Accepted Version of your publication.
If you need to make any changes to your Metadata Record, please contact us at

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