Licences and Copyright

Sharing your own work: your rights.

When you publish your work, it is essential that you consider:

- What rights you retain as author, including the right to share the work on open access.

- Whether and how others can access and re-use your work.

Most common scenarios that apply to journal publications.

Paper accepted?Who dictates the rights.Can the author share on OA?Can others re-use the work?
Standard copyright agreement.The publisher.The publisher decides.Usually permission from the publisher is required.
Published under Gold OA.The author/copyright owner.Yes.Usually under a CC-BY licence.

Checking a publisher’s policy.
To find out whether you can share your publication online:

• Refer to the copyright transfer agreement that you signed.
• Check the publisher’s policy at
• Check the policy on the journal’s website.
• Ask your editor or publisher.

The publisher’s policy should make the following clear:

- Which version you are allowed to share: this is usually the author’s accepted version.
- Whether you can share it immediately or after an embargo.
- Whether there is a press embargo.
- In which websites/repositories you are allowed to post the work, e.g. University repository, PMC, etc.

Some publishers do not have blanket policies, but consider permission requests on a case by case basis. This is usually the case with book chapters and monographs. In these cases you will need to contact the publisher directly.

Your rights under Gold Open Access: Creative Commons licences.

Most, but not all, papers published under Gold Open Access are shared under the terms of a Creative Common Licence (CC-licence).

Publishing your work under a CC-licence allows you to:

• Ensure you will always receive proper attribution for your work.

• Specify how others can re-use your work, e.g. whether others can share it, adapt it, or use it for commercial purposes.  In any case, the moral rights to the work belong to you, and you must always be credited as the author.

Creative Commons licences are usually available with Gold open access for a fee.

Choosing a CC- licence.

The licence you choose will depend on:

- How you wish others to re-use and re-share your work.

- The licence your funder expects you to publish under.

LicenceAllows adaptations/derivative works to be shared?Allows commercial re-use?Requires the work to be re-shared under the same licence terms?Required/supported by
Attribution CC BYYesYesNoRCUK, if you pay for Gold OA.
Attribution ShareAlike CC BY-SAYesYesYesWikipedia
Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NCYesNoNo 
Attribution-NoDerivs CC BY-NDNoYesNo 
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SAYesNoYes 
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-NDNoNoNoHEFCE

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