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Citation Indices, Altmetric Aggregators and Altmetric Explorer for Institutions

Citation Indices

Citation indices supply the data that underlie bibliometrics.

Citation indices act as the data universes for bibliometric studies.  There are two subscription citation indices:  Clarivate's Web of Science (which is part of the larger Web of Knowledge) and Elsevier's Scopus.  Web of Science has been around in one form or another for decades. Scopus is much newer, starting up only in 2004. Both Web of Science and Scopus are accessible through the library at Surrey.

Google Scholar can be considered the third citation index, but it is not used formally in bibliometrics for several reasons:  

• inaccuracies and redundancy of records
• computer- rather than human-indexing, which results in significant issues with quality control
• offers no means to normalise bibliometric results to account fairly for differences in publication year, document type, and subject area.

Altmetric Aggregators

Altmetric aggregators pull altmetric  information together in one place.

Altmetric aggregator companies such as and attempt to bring together information from a multitude of online data worlds, such as Twitter, Facebook, ResearchGate, GitHub, FigShare, etc, in one place.  This is helpful because, unlike bibliometrics, altmetrics don't derive merely from one or two citation indices.

Coverage by the main altmetric  aggregators is usually plentiful enough for most purposes, but it is important to remember that many alternative resources and data will still be left out, especially given how quickly the online environment changes and develops.  Alongside using the aggregators, it is always worth exploring altmetrics for the online data worlds that are most relevant to your specific area of research.


SciVal provides easy access to bibliometric profiles and is the bibliometrics tool we use at Surrey.

SciVal is a subscription bibliometrics tool that uses data from Scopus. On campus access is available at to all staff with a Surrey email address.   

In SciVal, you can explore your own bibliometric profile and that of Surrey, as well as profiles for researchers and institutions world-wide. Additionally, you can explore bibliometrics by subject area or for a bespoke set of publications.  

Help guides are available in SciVal to help you undertake key tasks.  In the tool, click on the signpost icon in the bottom right corner to access these guides.  For help with SciVal login or access issues, contact the e-resources team on

Altmetric Explorer for Institutions

For altmetric data, Surrey subscribes to the Altmetric Explorer for Institutions (EFI), a database maintained by Altmetric, a company based in London.  
On campus, access is available at Off campus access is also possible, but you will need to register for an account first. Contact the e-resources team on for more information.

In the tool, you can use either the institutional view, which contains only Surrey research, or the full database view, which allows you to explore altmetrics for all of the research outputs indexed in Altmetric's database.  The institutional view contains only (but not all) items found in our Eprints institutional repository.  

If you have questions about the Altmetric EFI or the data it contains, then a great place to start is the Altmetric Knowledge Base.  

Where we are

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