Regulations for Users

The Library is open to all for study and reference use.


  • Staff and student members of the University can use the full range of library services
  • Visitors may become external members of the Library on payment of a membership fee (non-refundable) which entitles them to some borrowing facilities
  • Users of the Library with valid campus cards may borrow books and other items and are responsible for all items issued in their name
  • Users are responsible for the safekeeping of their card. A charge may be levied to replace a lost or damaged card
  • Users are responsible for replacing lost and damaged items, including those on loan to them from other libraries, and for paying fines incurred
  • Journals may only be used in the Library 
  • Users are responsible for returning items on loan to them up to 30 minutes before library closure on the specified date
  • Fines will be levied on all overdue items. Users who fail to return items may be invoiced for accumulated fines, the cost of replacements, an administration charge and may have their borrowing rights suspended
  • Users who fail to return overdue items will receive notices at their School, Department or home address
  • Users are responsible for informing the Library of other contact addresses and any subsequent change of address
  • Items borrowed from the Library may not be taken abroad unless special permission is given
  • Industrial year students may have special lending facilities by prior arrangement
  • Users are responsible for ensuring that all items are returned to the Library before they leave the University
  • Users should behave appropriately and with respect for other Library users and Library staff. Noise should be kept to a minimum throughout the Library, including the stairwells
  • Silence must be observed at all times in designated silent study areas
  • Mobile phones must be switched off or to silent whilst in the Library
  • Hot food is not permitted in the Library
  • Reading places may not be reserved and materials left overnight will be removed
  • All users leaving the Library with books or briefcases etc. must show them to Library staff upon request
  • Notices may not be posted on the notice boards except with the permission of the member of staff at the Ask Me Desk
  • Display of inappropriate Web material is forbidden
  • The Library reserves the right to levy fines in accordance with the University policy on fines for misconduct. This does not affect the Library's right to levy fines for late return of items
  • Users must not write in, damage, or vandalise any item of Library property
  • Use of electronic information resources (e-journals, e-books and databases) must conform to the copyright regulations indicated by each publisher or supplier
  • Copies of print material can only be made in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act (1988)
  • The University reserves the right to take legal action against individuals who cause it to be become involved in legal proceedings as a result of violation of its licensing agreements
  • Users must leave the Library by closing time, immediately on hearing the fire alarm or when required to do so by a member of staff in an emergency
  • Mains powered equipment (such as laptops) must be tested for electrical safety by its owner and users will be held responsible for any damage to Library property as a result
  • The University Library accepts no liability for loss, theft or damage to personal property in the Library at any time

Use of the Library is on the understanding that the Regulations for Users will be followed. The University may impose fines and other penalties, e.g. suspension of borrowing rights, if these Regulations are not observed

Please help us to provide the best service we can to all Library users by taking your responsibilities seriously and adhering to the regulations