Copyright & Electronic Resources

This site provides access to electronic journals, books and databases licensed by the University.  Authorised users are expected to observe the terms and conditions and copyright restrictions, which are usually listed on the website of the publisher or service provider.

Abuse may lead to access being denied for the entire institution

Who is an authorised user?

Authorised users are current staff and students of the University of Surrey, who are permitted to access the campus network and who have been issued by the University of Surrey with a password or other authentication. 

What can you do?

Authorised users may usually print/download a single copy of an article from a journal issue or one chapter or 5% of an e-book for personal use for research or private study.

In some cases, depending on the terms of licence, lecturers can upload individual articles to SurreyLearn for the use of students enrolled on a course of study.  For more information about this, please see the web page Linking to Online Articles.  

What can't you do?

The following kinds of use are normally prohibited unless you have the permission of the copyright owner:

  • Distribution e.g. downloading a PDF and sending it as an email attachment
  • Republishing e.g. putting a document protected by copyright on a web server for others to access
  • Alteration e.g. removing any proprietary marking or copyright statement from any copy made
  • Reproduction e.g. making multiple copies
  • Systematic downloading e.g. downloading every article in a journal issue or a whole e-book
  • Selling e.g. selling a copy of an electronic work.  

For further information see:

Copyright FAQ

Copyright Information

Copyright & Teaching Materials

Or contact the Copyright and Digital Resources Advisor, Gill Dwyer

Or your Academic Liaison Librarian

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