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 Guide to Shelfmarks

The main collections of books can be found on Levels 4 and 5 of the Library.

Books in heavy demand are placed in the Short Loan Collection on Level 1. The Short Loan Collection contains 1 day loan books; 7 day loan books are shelved with the ordinary loan books on the upper levels.

Use the Library catalogue to find the exact shelfmark and location for each book. If you are searching for books on a particular topic, use a keyword search.

The main collection of books for Electronic Engineering has shelfmarks beginning 621.3 to 621.3991 as well as 629.8 (Control Engineering) and 681.2 (Sensors). There are also relevant books in 004-006.



Printed Journals

These are kept in the library. Search by the journal title on the Library Catalogue to find out where a journal is shelved. Some current issues are shelved on Level 1.

Electronic Journals

The ejournals@surrey portal links to the full-text electronic journals available from the University of Surrey. You can view the full-text articles on screen and save, email, print them, create alerts for searches etc. Collections of Science e-journals are available at these sites (follow links from the ejournals@surrey portal)

IEEE Xplore browse journals and magazines.


 Electronic Books

You can use the Electronic Books page to access eBooks on Electronic Engineering. The most useful collections for Electronic Engineering textbooks will be EngNetbase. Also relevant books are available via Safari Books online, Ebrary and Knovel.

For dictionaries try Credo Reference.

There are also links from some titles on the Library catalogue to electronic versions of the text - look for "e-link"


 Key Reference Books

  • Electronics Engineers Handbook QR 621.38 FIN
    Good source of basic physical data
  • IEEE Standard Dictionary of ELectrical and Electronics Terms. QR 621.3 (03)
    IEE Comprehensive, but use subject specific dictionaries for recent terms.
  • Engineering Tables and Data QR 62.01 HOW
    Useful figures, values, data, equations.
  • Kaye & Laby’s Tables of Physical and Chemical Constants. QR 53.081 KAY
    Compact and easy to use source of physical and chemical data.
  • Kempe’s Engineers Year-Book QR 62 KEM
    Excellent references to relevant standards and Codes of Practice.


 Online Bibliographical Databases

INSPEC  has journal articles, conference proceedings, technical reports and patent details covering physics, electrical engineering, electronics, communications, control engineering, computers and computing, and information technology.

E-print Network is based in the US and covers sciences, engineering, energy research, computer and information technologies.

Compendex is a portal for engineering resources. The service is subscription based but academic libraries are likely to have subscribed.


 Other Useful Library Resources


The Library takes certain daily British broadsheet newspapers. Recent copies are on Level 1 of the Library and older copies are kept on Level 2.

British newspapers and a huge variety of international papers can also be read electronically on Nexis.

Times Digital Archive, 1785-1985: The complete digital edition of The Times (London) capturing the entire newspaper, with all articles, advertisements and illustrations/photos divided into categories to facilitate searching.

Also of interest may be The Times (1910-1999) and The Sunday Times (1970-1999) which are held on microform on Level 2 of the Library.


The Library's printed statistics collection is on Level 2. The collection includes statistics from the British Government and international organisations. There are two sequences in the statistics collection, books/monographs all with the shelfmark beginning 31 and also statistical periodicals shelved in A-Z order by title.

Check StatnetBase The full text of 70 books in the field of statistics

Some useful websites are:

National Statistics - The site for the UK's official statistics, it includes information on the economy, population, and society.

ESDS International This is a database only available by using your Athens username and password. ESDS International provides access to a range of datasets including macro data from OECD, IMF, World Bank and IEA.

Eurostat -The EU Statistical Office. It is possible to view structural, long, and short term indicators free of charge as well as the online version of Statistics in Focus which provides information on key statistical surveys.


The EDC collection is on Level 2 of the Library and contains a variety of materials produced by the Official Publications Office and other agencies and institutions of the EU

Standards and  Patents

The Standards and Patents page tells you which sets of standards are available for use in the Library and on the web and where to find them. The University Library subscribes to the complete set of British Standards Online.

The library does not keep copies of patents. You can search for worldwide patents via the UK Patent Office web site but you cannot obtain the full text online. Once you have identified a patent you want, you can obtain a copy through the InterLibrary Loan service.

Exam Papers

The Exam Papers Database offers past papers from 1998.

Guides to Referencing

Look at the help pages provided by the University of Surrey.

Further guides are available from:

University of Birmingham and Bournemouth University (especially useful for citing electronic references.)

Also look at Pears, R. A and Shields, G. (2013) Cite them right: the essential referencing guide. 9th ed. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. which is available in the Library at 808.02 PEA


 Useful Web Links


A free service where you can find articles, key websites, books, the latest industry news, job announcements, ejournals, eprints, technical reports, the latest research, theses and dissertations and more. There is also industry news and technical data.

Clearinghouse: Manufacturing and engineering technologies
A searchable database of information submitted by educators globally.

EELS - Engineering Electronic Library, Sweden
Quality assessed Internet resources in the technical sciences.

Journals TOC
Journals TOC is a free service which provides Tables of Contents to the latest scholarly journals..

Ei Village
Access to journal and conference literature and web resources in engineering. Access to the world's best engineering libraries and to online databases (charged).

Engineering Links
Web links for the engineering profession, commercial and government organisations and professional bodies provided by The Royal Academy of Engineering.

Engineering Design Information - Full text of all ESDU documents available using your personal Athens Username & Password

WWW Virtual Library in Control Engineering
Maintained by Cambridge University, this gateway offers links to Control Groups around the world (mainly University-based); Professional Societies; Journals; Companies.


Virtual Training Suite

The Virtual Training Suite offers free tutorials on Internet research skills to help with your university course.

Online Textbooks

Google books  There are relatively few recent books which are freely available, but older books may still be of use in some sectors.  

Online free books: Electrical Engineering  has a collection of links to books which can be downloaded.  

Lessons in electric circuits  includes text, diagrams and examples.

Reference Works

Electronics encyclopedia  includes a series of linked articles on aspects of electronics from the Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition (2008), as well as related articles from newspapers, and magazines.

Educyclopedia: electronics  has full text articles including diagrams.

Electronics dictionary  includes an alphabetical listing of terms, definitions of abbreviations and technical information such as capacitor codes and logic levels for chips.

Course Material

Digital Image Processing at Imperial College has lecture notes, presentations and tutorial sheets in zip format.

Feedback and Temperature Control at the University of Exeter includes course material as well as problems and exercises.

Teaching Aids for Microwaves and Antennae at the University of Surrey includes course notes and tests.

Electronic Reference and Tutorials includes links to a wide range of information resources for engineers.

E-Learning Material

Higher Education Academy - Engineering Subject Centre is aimed at UK higher education. It provides educational resources, news and events information as well as a discussion forum.

Scots Guide to Electronics is based at the University of St Andrews and includes notes on components and systems.

Lighting Tutorials has information on equipment and techniques for lighting as well as safety tips.


OpenDOAR offers access to repositories worldwide and provides a trial search service for the full-text of material held in open access repositories listed in the Directory.

Google Scholar is searchable database of academic publications which are freely available online.

Amplifiers and active devices: Lessons in electric circuits is a chapter from a free Internet textbook an introduction to the fundamentals of electronics, and the transition between electric circuits and electronic circuits.

Electron tubes: Lessons in electric circuits is a later chapter from the same book covering the concept of vacuum or electron tubes and their role in electronics.  

Communications News  has full text articles from the current issue of the magazine as well as searchable archives back to 1997.  

Circuit Cellar INK  has sample articles from current and previous issues, but most require a subscription to access. 

International Journal of Automation and Control  has full text articles covering automation and control platforms including macro, micro and nano scale machineries and systems.  

Home Energy  includes full text articles with archives back to 1993 which can be searched.

Open Access Journals

Communications Engineering and Design (CED) Magazine is an online magazine which covers broadband communications technology. The current issue and archives are provided.

Electronics Weekly includes industry news stories and articles on technology from the current issue of the journal.

Industrial Ethernet Articles has an archive of articles going back to 2000.

IEEE EMC Society Newsletter has a full text archive going back to 1998.

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ): Electrical and Nuclear Engineering DOAJ list over 30 Open Access titles of interest to electrical engineer

Other Library Catalogues

COPAC is a union catalogue, giving free access to the merged online catalogues of many of the largest university research libraries in the UK and Ireland plus the British Library.

British Library Catalogues on the Web The British Library is the national library of the UK and receives a copy of every publication produced in the UK and Ireland.  Their catalogues list over 150 million items held in the collections - most of which can be ordered by inter-library loan from your local library.

Other Libraries' Web Catalogues is a list of other library catalogues on the Internet, including the national libraries of other countries.

Samuel F. B. Morse Papers at the Library of Congress has 50,000 images documenting the invention of the electromagnetic telegraph and the development of telegraph systems.

Columbia University Engineering Library includes links to databases, reports, patents, journals, reference books and standards.

Other Internet Tools

World Wide Web Virtual Library for Electrical and Electronics Engineering contains links to about 600 selected sites including information resources, journals and academic departments.

Z-Electronic Table of Contents (ZETOC) is a searchable database of the British Library's Electronic Table of Contents. This includes around 20,000 current journals and around 16,000 conference proceedings published per year dating back to 1993, and is updated on a daily basis. It includes an email alerting service.

Professional Organisations

OFCOM (Office of Communications) is the regulator for the UK telecommunications industry, and the site includes an archive of publications on technical standards and policies. Consultation documents, consumer information and industry information are provided.

IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) is a professional society for engineering and technology in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. The site includes lists of publications, teaching resources and information on events and training. The Engineering & Technology magazine is also available.

IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) prepares and publishes international standards for all electrical and electronic technologies. The site includes information on the various committees and their work, as well as an archive of newsletters and publications.

International Commission on Illumination (CIE) prepares and publishes international standards for lighting technologies. The site includes an online newsletter as well as information on publications, technical committees and conferences.

British Automation and Robotics Association (BARA) has case studies, an events listing, newsletters and a twenty page pdf document giving an introduction to robotics.

Engineering Council UK (ECUK) sets standards of professional competence and ethics for engineers, technologists and technicians. The site includes a wide range of publications in pdf format.

Women's Engineering Society includes a message board, news stories and careers information.

British Standards Institute (BSI) provides independent certification of management systems and products in the UK. The site includes information about current standards as well as ones which are being developed and describes the work of the organisation.

Associations / Institutions

Engineering Council
The national representative body of the engineering profession.

European Society for Engineering
SEFI is a non-profit making organisation which aims to promote information on engineering education, develop cooperation between educational engineering institutions, and promote cooperation between industry and educational institutions. This site gives information about the Society, its membership, its Working Groups, its publications, and a diary of forthcoming SEFI meetings and events. 

IEEE - The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers USA
The IEEE, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The web site contains details of Meetings, Publications, Standards and other Information.

Government Departments

Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency - Archive
Archive of CCTA, the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency, it was to improve the delivery of public services by the best use of information technology.

Department for Business, Innovation & Skills
These pages contain information about regulations, reports, contact names and news.

Office of Gas and Electricity Markets
Ofgem was formed in June 1999 by combining the functions of the former Office of Gas Supply (Ofgas) and the Office of Electricity Regulation (OFFER).

Ofcom(formerly Radiocommunications Agency and Oftel)
Ofcom is the regulator for the UK communications industries, with responsibilities across television, radio, telecommunications and wireless communications services. 

Conferences / Meetings 

IET events training sessions, conferences and events from the Institution of Engineering and Technology

IEEE conferences search for conferences, meetings and events sponsored by the IEEE

ConferenceAlerts.com: engineering lists academic conferences and events in engineering and related fields

Allconferences.com: electronics directory focusing on conferences, conventions, trade shows etc.


IET Power Generation, Conversion and Utilisation Network is a professional network which includes a blog.

Electrical Engineering for Beginners includes diagrams and exercises.


Wikiversity Introduction to Electrical Engineering includes descriptions of the various fields of electrical engineering as well as pictures and cross references.


Widgetbox Digital Tech News provides news on high technology and new gadgets.

Message boards

IET Power Generation, Conversion and Utilisation Network is a professional network which includes a discussion forum.

Communications Engineering Forum is provided by EngTips. It's not very frequently used, but does have highly technical questions and answers.

Video sharing sites

YouTube EDU: electrical engineering webcasts, lectures and video clips from US universities.

ScienceStage.com - electrical engineering a portal for science, higher education, and research videos

Academic Earth: electrical engineering  video lecture courses from US institutions.

IET.tv video portal from the Institution of Engineering and Technology.


Sustainable Energy brings Power to the People is one of a series provided by the University of Bath.

Engineering Podcast Search Engine has content from academics and technology organisations.

Email discussion lists

JISCmail is the national academic mailing service for the UK. Check its directories for relevant lists. It is possible to search descriptions of lists and archived messages before you decide to sign up.

Relevant JISCmail lists include:

Creative Robotics Network 

CAD in Design 

News Media

Here's a selection of some of the best examples of news and media for electrical, electronic and communications engineering

Lightwave includes news on optical engineering.

ElectronicsTalk covers components, developments, systems and testing.

EE Times UK has news listed under a variety of topic headings including communications, embedded systems, power engineering, semiconductors, test and measurement and also wireless.

The Engineer has sections on electronics, energy and the environment.

For further information please contact

Evi Tramantza

Academic Liaison Librarian - Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences

T: 01483 68 2874
E: e.tramantza@surrey.ac.uk
Room number: 02 LB 02

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