Using the Library

Health and Safety

The health and safety of all Library users is very important to us.

Information about the University's Health and Safety Policy is available on the Health and Safety website.

We welcome reports of any safety hazard that you might see. Please notify a member of staff.


The Library and Learning Centre is fitted with fire alarms and fire protection doors. Fire doors have self-closers and are strong enough to resist fire breakthrough for many minutes.

  • Do not block the doorways
  • Do not prop the doors open

If you discover a fire:

  • Sound the alarm
  • Break the glass, using a hard object, but not your hand
  • Break glass alarm units are located by the lifts and exits to the stairs on all floors, as well as in other locations in the Library. The alarm sounds in the Security office, who will call the Fire Brigade.

If you hear the fire alarm sound:

  • Leave the building as quickly as possible by the nearest exit
  • Do not wait to collect your belongings or to see if it is a false alarm
  • If the alarm sounds continuously it is a full evacuation
  • Each exit is clearly marked by a green emergency exit sign. The main exit is not always the nearest
  • Break the bolt on the exit door if necessary
  • The door at the bottom of the stairs will be released automatically when the alarm activates
  • Go to the Assembly Point
  • The Assembly Point for the Library and Learning Centre is outside the Teaching Block
  • Do not re-enter the building until instructed to do so by a member of staff
  • Wherever possible please assist disabled users to reach the nearest Refuge Point
  • Inform the Fire Warden (wearing fluorescent jacket) or another member of staff of their whereabouts as you leave the building

Library users who cannot use the stairs or leave the building unaided, or have a sight or hearing impairment:

  • We need to know that you are in the building. Please report to the Reception Desk whenever you come to the Library and Learning Centre, and again when you leave
  • If you are unable to use the stairs unaided, go to a safe Refuge Point. These are the landings of the Main stairs and the East stairs and are marked with a green sign saying "Refuge Point"
    • If possible, ask another user to inform a member of staff that you are on a stair landing when they leave the building
    • The Fire Brigade are aware of these areas and will check them on arrival
  • Please ask at the Reception Desk if you would like to talk to the Library Safety Officer to discuss your safety and evacuation from the Library building

Location of Fire exits:

From the Ground Floor via:

  • Main doors
  • Fire exit (West)
  • Exit by Surrey Design and Print

From the Upper floors via:

  • Main stairs
  • East stairs
  • Fire exit (West)


Call Security: internal 3333 or Freephone 0800 525 790 from pay phones.

Security is always staffed and they know exactly how to call and direct appropriate support.

Their staff are also trained in First Aid and can always help.

Never dial 999 on campus.


Accidents should be reported to the Reception Desk.

There are four members of staff trained in First Aid in the Library and Learning Centre building.

First Aid kits are at all Reception desks.


Please switch off your phone or to silent before entering the building.

Please do not use the main staircase to make calls, as you can block the route.


Discrete eating of cold food and drinks with lids is permitted in the Library and Learning Centre.

You will be asked to leave the Library and Learning Centre if you have hot food or any messy food and drink, or if your food and drink are in any way causing a disturbance to other library users or affecting library equipment.


To avoid the hazard of trailing cables, the use of laptops powered from the mains is prohibited except in study carrels fitted with electrical sockets. Laptops may be used elsewhere if powered by internal battery.

Do not leave laptops or other valuables unattended at any time as there have been thefts from the Library and Learning Centre.

Where we are

University Library, George Edwards Building,  University of Surrey,  Guildford,  Surrey GU2 7XH,  United Kingdom T: +44 (0)1483 689235 F: +44 (0)1483 689500

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