Dr Gary Chaffey

Visiting Researcher


Further information


I am currently researching new techniques for the analysis of near periodic signals using Taken's method of attractor reconstruction.

Research Interests

I am interested in using analytical and numerical techniques to model and solve problems arising from 'real world' situations.


G.S. Chaffey, Modelling the cell cycle, PhD thesis, 2014, pdf

G. S. Chaffey, D. J. B. Lloyd, A. C. Skeldon, N. F. Kirkby, The effect of the G1 - S transition checkpoint on an age structured cell cycle model, PLoS ONE 9(1): e83477, 2014,  pdf

A. C. Skeldon, G. Chaffey, D. J. B. Lloyd, V. Mohan, D. Bradley and A. Nisbet, Modelling and detecting tumour oxygenation levels, PLoS ONE 7(6): e38597, 2012, pdf


I am the designated post graduate contact for the FEPS mathematics drop in centre and jointly help with the first year calculus and algebra drop in sessions. I also help provide sessions for students requiring additional support.

Departmental Duties

I am the post graduate representative on the department's Athena SWAN committee.


Poster presentation: Modelling The Cell Cycle (First prize in the University of Surrey PGR Conference 2013).

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