Professor Ian Roulstone


Qualifications: B.Sc. (Hons) (London); D.Phil. (Oxford)

Phone: Work: 01483 68 9638
Room no: 28 AA 04

Further information


January 2004 - present, Department of Mathematics, University of Surrey (Leverhulme Fellow, 2008/09)

March 1989- December 2003: Research Scientist, UK Met Office

October 1985 - March 1989, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford (D.Phil.)

Research Interests

My research interests are geometrical fluid mechanics and data assimilation. Further details can be found on my personal web page.

Research Collaborations

I am co-Theme Leader for Data Assimilation in the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO). This new centre, established and funded by NERC in 2008 (£37m over 5 years), has overall responsibility for NERC's suite of Earth observation centres of excellence. I collaborate on various projects, involving stochastic systems, control theory and variational techniques, with colleagues from Bristol, Oxford, Reading and Warwick. In January 2005 the EPSRC awarded a £734k four-year grant for research in Variational Inference in Stochastic Dynamic Environmental Models (VISDEM), which involved fellow Principal Investigators at Aston University and University College London, and colleagues at the Met Office. 

Further details can be found on my personal web page.



  • Gibbon, J.D., Holm, D.D., Kerr, R.M. and Roulstone, I. Quaternions and particle dynamics in the Euler fluid equations. Nonlinearity, 19, 1969-1983, June 2006.
  • Wlasak, M., Nichols, N.K. and Roulstone, I. Use of potential vorticity for incremental data assimilation. Quart. J. R. Meteorol. Soc. 132, 2867-2886 October 2006
  • Watkinson, L.R., Lawless, A.S., Nichols, N.K., and Roulstone, I. Weak constraints in four-dimensional variational data assimilation. Met. Zeits. 16, 767-776 December 2007
  • Roulstone, I., Banos, B., Gibbon, J.D. and Roubtsov, V.N.  A geometric
    interpretation of coherent structures in Navier-Stokes Flows. Proc. R. Soc. Lond., A 465,
    2015-21, 2009
  • Roulstone, I., Banos, B., Gibbon, J.D. and Roubtsov, V.N.  Kaehler geometry
    and Burgers’ vortices. Zb. Pr. Inst. Mat. NAN Ukr, T.6, No. 2, 303-21, in honour of
    the 60th birthday of I. S. Krasil’schik, 2009
  • Delahaies, S.B. and Roulstone, I. Hyper-Kaehler geometry and semi-geostrophic theory. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. A 466, 195-211, 2009.
  • Rudd, A.C., Roulstone, I. and Eyre, J.R. A simple column model to explore anticipated problems in variational
    assimilation of satellite observations. To appear in Environmental Science and Software 2011

J. Norbury and I. Roulstone (Eds.) Large-scale atmosphere-ocean dynamics: Vol. 1 Analytical methods and numerical models; Vol.2 Geometric methods and models. 734pp., Cambridge University Press. August 2002.

"Invisible in the Storm: the role of mathematics in understanding weather", by Ian Roulstone and John Norbury, to be published by Princeton University Press, 2011. Pre-order available via Amazon

A full list of publications, conference presentations, and patents can be found here.


L2 MAT2007 Ordinary Differential Equations

Departmental Duties

Tutor for Undergraduate Admissions

Department Management Committee


Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society
Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society --- Council 2003-06; co-Editor-in-Chief of Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, Oct 2003-Mar 2008. Chair, Publications Committee, October 2006-September 2008.
Member of the London Mathematical Society --- Council 2002-03, Programme Committee 2010 - present

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