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We offer a comprehensive range of modular degree programmes. As well as the MMath and BSc programmes in Mathematics, we have a BSc course in Financial Mathematics and BSc courses which combine Mathematics with Statistics, Computing or Music. The flexible nature of most of our programmes means that you can easily switch between options. All our degree programmes are recognised by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA).

BSc vs MMath - what's the difference?

BSc vs MMath - what's the difference?

The modular programme structure has been designed to give great flexibility and allows a wide range of options to be available to the student. We have both three and four year degree courses; the four year BSc degree is a sandwich course, which includes a year's Professional Training which gives students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and income!. The enhanced four or five year MMath degree course offers the opportunity to study at a higher level, and the six month integrated placement scheme gives students the chance to use this high level material in a working research environment. See what previous students think of the integrated placement scheme here. We also have a dedicated Mathematics Education module in year 3 which places students in local secondary schools under the watchful eye of a teacher mentor, giving them first first hand experience of teaching mathematics at this level. For a full list of our currently offered modules, visit our modules page.

Alongside the assessed modules, the department runs Amazing Maths Seminars which introduce topics and problems that show the beauty of mathematics. These seminars are ideal for those students who are fascinated  by the application of mathematics in every day life.

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