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With leading experts in fields as diverse as health, sciences, engineering, humanities and mobile communications, Surrey academics frequently feature in high-profile media and contribute to global news headlines.

The Times: Beat jetlag by sticking to mealtimes

Research from University of Surrey shows that choosing mealtimes carefully can be every bit as important as sleep in fighting jet lag.

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China Daily: Academic calls for research focus

Professor Max Lu was interviewed about China’s new focus on research efficiency. 

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BBC Radio 4's Farming Today: Road killed badgers, Paralympic dressage, sheep dogs trials

Dr Chris Palgrave's project examining tuberculosis in badgers was featured on BBC Radio 4's Farming Today.

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The Observer: The scientists who only come out at night…

Professor Debra Skene was interviewed by the Observer about human circadian rhythms and sleep.

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BBC: Yahoo probes possible huge data breach

Professor Alan Woodward of the University of Surrey comments on the alleged cyber attack on Yahoo.  The company are investigating claims the hacker linked to "mega-breaches" at MySpace and LinkedIn has posted details of 200 million Yahoo accounts to a marketplace on the dark web.


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Daily Mail/Mail Online: A giant leap for space robotics

Machines that walk, swim and climb will replace humans on future space missions

Report from University of Surrey presents a roadmap of space robotics. Examples include arms that grab space debris and put in recycling bin. Robots will replace humans on tasks which would be dangerous and expensive.

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BBC World Service’s The Forum: Do You Know What You’re Eating?

BBC World Service’s The Forum's latest episode talked about whether people actually know what they are eating and Professor Monique discusses what you can learn from food labelling.  

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