New video launched to help prostate cancer patients

Thursday 1 March 2012

A new video produced by researchers at the University of Surrey gives the chance for men who have had prostate cancer to tell other men how they have coped with the effects of the disease and its treatment.

Getting Down to Coping®

Getting Down to Coping®

The film called Getting Down to Coping® was as made to be shown to participants in a self-management programme which is being tested by Professor Sara Faithfull’s team in a randomised controlled trial.   The programme teaches men practical, physical and cognitive ways to help them cope with the urinary symptoms they experience after radiotherapy treatment for prostate cancer.  Seven men speak candidly and helpfully in the film about their personal stories and coping realities.

Jane Cockle-Hearne, Research Fellow at the University’s School of Health and Social Care, said: “Showing how other men have coped and moved on with their lives will motivate men in the self-management programme to have self-belief and confidence to make a difference to their own lives after diagnosis and treatment."

“Participants in the film, and men who have seen it informally, have commended the film as a support mechanism and have highlighted the need for men to be directly supported in managing their responses to the side-effects of treatment as well as the consequences of a cancer diagnosis.   Men have made specific requests to the team at the School of Health & Social Care to make the film widely available to men who are going through diagnosis and treatment.”

The participants were all volunteers who replied to a request for men who felt they had coped successfully with prostate cancer and treatment.   The University have supported this request and the film is now available on the University website.

Links will be posted on prostate cancer support group and charity websites so that men who are seeking support through these organisations will have easy access to the film.

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