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New findings show stark inequalities in ageing as government encourages us to work longer »

26 February 2015

Changes in pension and employment policies are making it increasingly necessary for older people in the UK to work beyond the age of 65.  However, new research from the University of Surrey finds significant differences in the likelihood of employment and income levels of people beyond 65, depending on their gender and health.  

Improved fire detection with a new ultra-sensitive, ultraviolet light sensor »

17 February 2015

A new study published today in Scientific Reports has discovered that a material traditionally used in ceramics, glass and paint, can be manipulated to produce an ultra-sensitive UV light sensor, paving the way for improved fire and gas detection.

Stopping at red lights exposes drivers to high levels of air pollution, new study finds »

12 February 2015

Research published today in the journal Atmospheric Environment has found that drivers are exposed to dangerously high levels of air pollutants when stopped at red lights.

Stress balls, DVDs and conversation ease pain and anxiety during surgery »

30 January 2015

Being conscious during an operation can make patients feel anxious and is often painful.  However, new research from the University of Surrey has found that simple distraction techniques, such as talking to a nurse, watching a DVD or using stress balls, can help patients to relax during varicose vein surgery and reduce their pain.

World’s best musicians brought together in Guildford for international festival »

27 January 2015

Local residents will have the rare opportunity of seeing some of the world’s best musicians from all areas of the globe, including from Japan and South America, when the Guildford International Music Festival starts in March.

‘Not Beyond Us’: Discover a positive, proactive approach to cancer this World Cancer Day »

20 January 2015

On Wednesday 04 February the University of Surrey will host a programme of events to mark World Cancer Day - a worldwide event which takes a positive and proactive approach to fighting cancer and demonstrates solidarity to those affected by it.

Closing your eyes boosts memory recall, new study finds »

16 January 2015

In a new study, published today in the journal Legal and Criminology Psychology, researchers from the University of Surrey have found further evidence to suggest that eyewitnesses to crimes remember more accurate details when they close their eyes. The team also discovered that building a rapport with witnesses also helped them to remember more.

University wins £10,000 heritage grant to remember its history »

15 January 2015

The University of Surrey has been awarded a £10,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to capture what student life was like for the graduates of Battersea College of Technology, which later evolved to become the University of Surrey.

Potassium salts aid bone health and limit osteoporosis risk, new research finds »

14 January 2015

Latest research from the University of Surrey has found that the potassium salts (bicarbonate and citrate) plentiful in fruit and vegetables, play an important part in improving bone health. For the first time, the results also showed that these potassium salts reduce bone resorption, the process by which bone is broken down, therefore increasing their strength.

“Real Christmas trees are better for your health than artificial ones,” says University of Surrey academic »

16 December 2014

It’s that time of the year when Christmas trees are popping up in the homes of many, but before we dig out last year’s artificial tree, University of Surrey environmental psychologist Dr Birgitta Gatersleben, explains the benefits of purchasing a real one instead.

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