EU funding for electric vehicle research at Surrey

Thursday 20 October 2011

The MMA Division is pleased to announce that the E-VECTOORC research project commenced on 1st September 2011, under the coordination of Dr. Aldo Sorniotti.


The E-VECTOORC project brings together 11 complementary partners from industrial and research backgrounds to address the individual control of the electric motor torques of fully electric vehicles to enhance safety, comfort and fun-to-drive in both on- and off-road driving conditions. The key objectives of the project are:
• Development and demonstration of yaw rate and sideslip angle control algorithms based on the combination of front/rear and left/right torque vectoring to improve overall vehicle dynamic performance.
• Development and demonstration of novel strategies for the modulation of the torque output of the individual electric motors to enhance brake energy recuperation, Anti lock Brake function and Traction Control function.
The benefits of these strategies include reductions in: I) vehicle energy consumption, II) stopping distance, and III) acceleration times.
Further information can be found on:

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