Meet and Greet Programme February 2017

Meet and Greet For February Starters - Wednesday 1st February 2017

The Meet and Greet booking is now open

Please book your Meet and Greet pickup by midnight on Friday 20th January 2017. 

To make sure that you feel welcome and comfortable about coming to the University of Surrey, the International Student Support Team and the International Relations Office have prepared Meet and Greet airport pick up for you at Heathrow airport.

We will meet new International and EU students at Heathrow airport on Wednesday 1st February 2017 from 9am to 5pm. The Meet and Greet Team will transport you to the main University Campus called Stag Hill and hand out your keys to you. If you are housed at Hazel Farm or Manor Park campuses the Team will also take care of your accommodation keys and  show you the way to your accommodation.

Please try to make sure that you book a flight which will allow you to reach Heathrow airport by 4pm as our Team will leave the airport by 5 pm

The transportation costs £10 and you will need to make an online payment when completing the online application form. You will find the link to the payment in the application form.

If you are going to start your new course in February 2017 and wish to be met at Heathrow please complete the Meet and Greet Airport Pickup Form.

Please remember that you must have booked a flight to the UK before you apply for the airport pickup.

All newly arriving students, who choose to live on campus, must also have booked accommodation before applying for the Meet and Greet Programme. 

Please make sure that you visit Accommodation Services website if you have any questions about your accommodation arrangements.
Once you have submitted your booking you will receive an email confirmation with exact instructions about what to do upon your arrival. 

We will also send to you via email our emergency telephone number which will be used on Wednesday 1st February only. 

This numbers will be sent to you in mid-January.

Arriving at Heathrow’s terminals

At Heathrow airport we will meet and greet a large number of newly arriving students. We will transport you directly to the University by specially arranged buses. 

Our helpers will be waiting for you at the arrival gate at terminal 3 and terminal 5.

They will be wearing dark blue T-shirts with "University of Surrey" written on them front and back.

There will be the University of Surrey banner attached to the barrier which will allow you to find the student helpers easier.

If you arrive at Terminal 2 ,3 or 4 please go to the arrivals at Terminal 3.

You can get to Terminal 3 easily using free of charge trains or walk. The team will be waiting for you at the barriers at the arrival gate, on the right hand as you are walking through the gate.

If you arrive at Terminal 5 please stay at Terminal 5 near the arrival gate.We will be waiting for you at the barriers at the arrival gate which you will see immediately when walking through the gate.

You will find all the information about the airport as well as the airport’s maps on this website.

The student helpers will welcome you and take you to a coach or minibus which will then take you to the main University campus.

Please be patient and prepared that you will need to wait for a coach or minibus to leave the airport as we need to wait for an appropriate group of students to gather.

Arriving at Heathrow after 5 pm

If you are scheduled to land after 4 pm it is very likely that you won’t come through the gate by 5 pm. 

In this case you will need to get to the campus on your own. 

Please visit Travelling to the University instructions and read your accommodation allocation letter to learn where to collect your keys from.

If you are not coming directly from a flight

If you wish to be met at Heathrow but you are already in the UK please do email and we will send you instructions about how to make the pickup booking..

The International Team’s contact details

If you have any questions or if your flight details change you will need to email us as soon as possible:

We wish you a very pleasant journey and look forward to meeting you in February 2017!

Meet and Greet and International Orientation Programme September 2016 

This year The International Student Support Team together with the University members of staff  and student helpers,  met and transported to the University, almost 600 international and EU students arriving via Heathrow and Gatwick. 

Like in previous years the International Student Support also organised a two day Orientation Programme which also proved to be popular and appreciated by the newly arriving students. 

Meet and Greet and International Orientation Programme September 2015 

 In September 2015 the International Student Support Team met over 600 international students both at Heathrow and Gatwick airports. We are very proud to say that all these students and their family members were safely transported to the University's campuses over only 3 very busy days. 

We would like to thank very much the 50  student helpers and the 15 members of staff who helped us to welcome the students. We all enjoyed the experience very much and received a very positive feedback from those who arrived via Meet and Greet. 

The Meet and Greet scheme was followed by the Orientation Programme. Over 450 international students enjoyed a variety of activities which took place both at the University and outside the University's campuses. Again this would not have been possible without help and involvement of student helpers and members of staff from various departments at the University.

We hope that all newly arriving international students will enjoy that stay at the University of Surrey! 

Meet and Greet Programme in February 2015 

This year we successfully welcomed almost 100 students and their relatives. The Meet and Greet Team transported everybody safely to the University campuses at Stag Hill, Hazel Farm and Manor Park. The International Student Support Team would like to thank very much  all student helpers and members of staff  who were involved in the pick up. Without your help the scheme would not be possible! 

Meet and Greet in previous years...

We are very happy to announce that one of our Meet and Greet helpers Obinna Okonor (known as Okonor) has won the Unitemps of the Year Award 2014

Okonor was one of many temporary staff nominated by hiring managers in Central Services. He has worked with the Welcome Team as a Meet and Greet helper for the last 3 years. This year he also worked for the International Student Support Team as a Supervisor during Police Registration on campus.

As an employer, the International Student Support Team knows that we can always depend on Okonor. He is very professional, reliable and always shows total commitment to any job he does. Congratulations on your success, Okonor!

Meet and Greet and Orientation Programme September 2014 

We are very proud to say that this September we welcomed and safely transported to the University over 500 international and EU students and their relatives. We are also happy to say that around 400 international students attended our International Programme. 

Over 50 Meet and Greet helpers, 20 members of staff  as well as newly arriving students enjoyed the scheme very much. 

Meet and Greet at Heathrow For February 2014 Starters

We are very happy to tell you that the February Meet and Greet airport pick up was very successful this year. The International Student Support Team and the International Relations Office met and transported safely to the University almost 100 international and EU students. 

We also would like to thank the 18 Student Helpers who took part in the scheme for their hard work and commitment. 

The Welcome Team wishes all the newly arriving students good luck with your studies. We hope you will enjoy your stay at the University of Surrey!

Meet and Greet and Orientation Programme September 2013

This year we welcomed exactly 500 students and their relatives at Gatwick and at Heathrow airports. 
The scheme was very successful and followed by “Settling into Surrey” event organised by the International Student Support Team.

Meet and Greet in January 2013

At Heathrow on Thursday 31 January 2013 the International Student Office and the International Relations Office teams warmly welcomed 70 newly arriving students. Among them were Exchange Programme students, Science Without Borders and Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences (FEPS) students.

The January Meet and Greet would not have been successful without involvement of fourteen experienced student helpers who were based at Heathrow and on Stag Hill Campus.

We wish all the February starters good luck with your studies!


At the Airport in January 


Meet and Greet and Orientation Programme 2012

The Welcome Team transported to the University more  than 500 students who were met at Gatwick and Heathrow airports. The newly arriving students enjoyed the Orientation programme and the trips organised by the Team.

The Meet and Greet Welcome Team 2012

Meet and Greet and Orientation Programme 2011

The International Student Office team was out in force for the annual Meet and Greet scheme, meeting students travelling into London Heathrow and Gatwick airports. Working alongside the team were student helpers from the Welcome Team, who were as professional as ever in making the new arrivals feel welcome.

Staff and students were based in Heathrow, Gatwick, and on campus, with regular coach drop-offs between the airports and campus, where staff and Welcome Team members were ready and waiting to greet new students and take them to their new accommodation. 

Over the four days of the scheme, the International Student Office met well over 500 students from such far-flung places as Columbia, Australia and Kenya. It can be daunting travelling to a new country to study and the scheme is in place to make sure all new international students arrive to a friendly welcome.  

Las year's Orientation Programme included visits to Loseley Park, Brooklands Museum and a boat ride through Guildford. All new international (non EU) students were invited to these activities, designed to allow students to get to know the local area, and to meet other international students far from home.

At Loseley Park, the students were treated to a tour of the 16th century house and gardens, followed by cream tea and scones – a very English start to their time at Surrey! Other students were taken on a tour of the Surrey Hills by coach with a local guide.

The Meet and Greet Welcome Team 2011

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