Professor Mark Cropley

Research Interests


  1. Stress and health - particularly the relationship between psychosocial factors and disease (cardiovascular disease and infectious illness), and how individuals recover from work demands and illness

  2. Fibromyalgia – particular how individuals manage their symptoms and the effects of fibromyalgia on sleep and well-being


Recovery from Work

The first international workshop on 'Recovery from Work' was held at the University of Surrey, on the 31st March and 1st of April 2008. The focus was on how workers respond to the physical and mental demands of their workplace both during and after working hours.


Recovery from Work Workshop

On the 3rd of June 2010, Mark Cropley (Department of Psychology) & Jason Devereux (QST) organised a one-day workshop at the University of Surrey to disseminate and discuss recent findings in the area of ‘Recovery from Work’.


A selection of MSc Dissertations Supervised

  • Anxiety, Depression and self-esteem in secondary school children: An Investigation into the impact of important school examinations
  • Effects of herbal remedies: Valerian and Kava, on physiological and subjective response to psychological stress under laboratory conditions
  • Type-D personality, blood pressure & response to uncontrollable stress
  • The affects of family and work conflict on job satisfaction, burnout, organizational commitment, health and job strain.
  • Personal resilience, life stress, psychological and physical symptoms: a prospective study of chronic and recent life stress in adolescence
  • An examination into the effects of hypoalgesia and pain experience on self-reported pain perception
  • The role of rumination, thought control and resource loss spiralling in chronic insomnia
  • The effect of short bouts of moderate-intensity exercise on short term nicotine withdrawal symptoms and cigarette craving
  • Job strain after the working day in school teachers: an investigation into the role of cognitive rumination

PhD Supervision

Helen Keyworth
Title: Nicotine addiction: neurochemical and behavioural mechanisms

Dawn Querstret
Title: Health consequences of inadequate recovery from work: the relationship between work-related rumination, sleep quality and work-related fatigue

Contact Me

Phone: 01483 68 6928

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Room: 19 AD 02

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My office hours

Monday 2-4 pm (please email for an appointment outside these hours).

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