Ms Jenny Lynden

Research Interests

I am undertaking research for my PhD which explores professional-client interactions in the care of horses diagnosed with laminitis.   The study adopts an ethnographic approach using mixed methods for collecting and analysing data, including thematic and discourse analyses.  I am particularly interested in how professional conversations, in the care of horses, are similar and different to conversations in other professional healthcare contexts, and what this might reveal about the social practices which are involved.  My PhD is being supervised by Professor Jane Ogden (School of Psychology) and Dr Teresa Hollands (School of Veterinary Medicine) in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.  


Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society

BPS Registered Test User: Occupational, Ability and Personality

Member of the Special Group in Coaching Psychology

Trainee Member of the Division of Occupational Psychology

Selected Conference Papers, Presentations and Workshops

Lynden, J. (2014, December). Exploring telephone coaching conversations: a multi-method approach.  Paper presented at the BPS Special Group in Coaching Psychology 4th International Congress of Coaching Psychology, Bloomsbury, London, UK.

Lynden, J., Parkinson, S., Western-Williams, H. & Williams, A.  (2013, June). Exploring higher education students’ experiences of motivation for study tasks.  Workshop presented at Associate Lecturer Conference, Tonbridge, UK.

Lynden, J. & Hassan, I. (2009, November).  On-line Collaborative Support Offered to Associate Lecturers Involved in a Programme of Action Research/Action Learning and the Ethical Implications Raised.  Paper presented at the SEDA 14th Annual Conference, Birmingham, UK.

Lynden, J. (2008, June). Online action learning using FlashMeeting.  Workshop held at the Sussex Learning Network Second elearning and Technology Conference, Bramber House, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.

Lynden, J. & Taylor, C. (2008, February).  On-line action learning sets project.  Workshop presented at the SLN eLearning Project: Exploring Learning Technologies Conference, Brighton Creativity Centre, University of Brighton, Sussex, UK.

Lynden, J. & Catt, R. (2007, October).  Open Education and the Sussex Learning Network: a partnership perspective.  OpenLearn: Researching open content in education, The OpenLearn Conference, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK.

Catt, R. & Lynden, J. (2007, May). Co-chairs welcome address, Sussex Learning Network elearning and Technology Conference, Bramber House, Sussex University, Sussex, UK.

Contact Me

Phone: 01483 68 6939

Find me on campus
Room: 23 AC 04


Lynden, J. (2016) ‘Doing your qualitative research project.’ In Kaye, H. and Ness, H. (eds) ‘Investigating Psychology 3’, Oxford, Oxford University Press/Milton Keynes, The Open University.

Lynden J. & Avery, R. E. (2016) Workplace telephone coaching conversations: a unique institutional practice as revealed through interpretive and empiricist multi-method approaches, Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice, 9:1, 5-23, DOI: 10.1080/17521882.2015.1105835

Lynden, J., Parkinson, S., Western-Williams, H. and Williams, A.  (2013). Monsters and demons?  A discourse analysis of higher education students’ constructions of motivation for study tasks, Open University, Knowledge Network.

Lynden, J. (2008).  On-line collaborative support offered for a programme of action research looking into developing pedagogy for etmas.  Open University, Knowledge Network.

Catt, R. & Lynden, J. (2008). 'Making sense of e-learning within a changing curriculum'.  In Changing the Curriculum.  [online].  Retrieved from:

Catt, R. & Lynden, J. (2006). Open Education and the Sussex Learning Network: a partnership perspective, Open University, Knowledge Network.

Taylor, C. and Lynden, J. (2006). Online action learning using FlashMeeting. [on-line]. Retrieved from:

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