Admissions Sub-Committee

The Admissions Sub-committee (ASC) is one of the four Sub-committees that reports to the University Learning and Teaching Committee, along with Quality and Standards, Student Experience and Widening Participation and Outreach. The Sub-committee's terms of reference and membership can be found below. 

Terms of reference

  1. To advise the University Learning and Teaching Committee (ULTC), the Senate, the Executive Board and Executive Deans of Faculty as appropriate on all matters relating to student recruitment and admissions and the role of admissions in widening participation; to formulate and make recommendations to Senate on policies, regulations and procedures for the admissions of students.
  2. To review on an annual basis the Admissions Policy to ensure that it enables the University to achieve its strategic goals and specific objectives.
  3. To promote the dissemination of best practice in recruitment and admissions across the University and its partner organisations, identifying staff development and training needs for all those involved in admissions.
  4. To define roles and responsibilities for key individuals including Admissions Tutors.
  5. To advise on measures to ensure compliance with relevant legislation (eg PBS) and consistency with the Quality Assurance Agency Quality Code Chapter B2, Admission to higher education and the Schwartz principles of fairness, transparency, accessibility, ease of understanding for students and consistency of application
  6. To consider internal and external initiatives and developments in legislation relating to recruitment, admissions and entrance requirements in relation to the University's undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes and to formulate responses to these as appropriate for approval by Senate and/or Executive Board
  7. To monitor performance against benchmarks agreed with the Office of Fair Access
  8. To receive an annual report from each Faculty on recruitment and admissions
  9. To review, through a Special Admission Advisory Group, applications from students declaring a criminal conviction



Head of Academic Appeals and Academic QualityProfessor Shirley Price
Ex-officio members 
Deputy Registrar 
Head, Department of Widening Participation and Outreach 
Head of Admissions 
Head of International Student Recruitment 
Head of Market Insight and Data 
Vice-President Support, Students' Union 
Nominated members 
Faculty representative, FASS 
Faculty representative, FEPS 
Faculty representative, FHMS 
In attendance 
Academic Quality Officer (Collaborative Provision) (Committee Secretary)Mrs Emma Hardy
Head of Student Administration (Student Data, Records and Systems) 


Period of appointment

All ex-officio members will remain members of the Committee for as long as they hold such posts.  Nominated members are appointed for three years.


Frequency of meetings

The Sub-committee shall meet at least twice each semester or more frequently as business dictates.


Quoracy requirements

The quoracy requirements are ten members or not less than one-third of the members, whichever may be the less.  


Reports to

University Learning and Teaching Committee



Special Admissions Advisory Group 



Special Admissions Advisory Group

Terms of Reference


In light of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1975 and the University's policy of considering all applicants on their academic merit and academic potential:    

  1. To consider applications submitted by applicants who declare a criminal conviction, providing advice and guidance as appropriate to Admissions Tutors
  2. To advise on exceptional (disability) cases which require consideration outside current policy (ie where exceptional adjustments are required)


Deputy Registrar
Director of Admissions and Recruitment
Head of Student Support Services
Head of Admissions
University Secretary and Legal Counsel
Head Warden
Deaputy Head of Admissions

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