Professor J.Alberto Aragon-Correa

Professor of Management

Qualifications: PhD

Phone: Work: 01483 68 2122
Room no: 50 AP 02

Further information


J. Alberto Aragon-Correa is Professor of Management at the Surrey Business School and affiliate Professor of the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at University of Surrey. Alberto teaches, does research, and serves as an executive instructor/consultant in the areas of international strategy and environmental management. 

Alberto is author or co-author of more than 40 refereed articles published in the top international business and management journals, including Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Journal, California Management Review, Journal of Business Research, Long Range Planning, Journal of Environmental Management, and Industrial Marketing Management, among others.  Alberto’s publications have received more than 2400 citations from different academic international publications, and two of them have been selected as “seminal works” in the blog of the Academy of Management. 

Alberto has been a visiting professor in multiple international leading universities, such as the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), the ETH-Zurich, and the University of California Berkeley.

Research Interests

  • Environmental Strategy
  • Organizations and Environment
  • Business Strategy
  • Resource-Based View
  • Tourism industry.


Journal articles

  • Aragon-Correa J, Martín-Tapia I, Hurtado-Torres N. (2013) 'Proactive Environmental Strategies and Employee Inclusion: The Positive Effects of Information Sharing and Promoting Collaboration and the Influence of Uncertainty'. Organization & Environment, 26 (2), pp. 139-161.
  • De la Torre Ruiz JM, Aragon-Correa J. (2013) 'Interdependence Between Best Team Members and Their Team Mates'. International Journal of Manpower, 34 (5), pp. 552-567.
  • Delgado-Márquez BL, Hurtado-Torres N, Aragon-Correa J. (2013) 'On the measurement of Interpersonal Trust Transfer: Proposal of Indexes'. Social Indicators Research, 113 (1), pp. 433-449.
  • Aguilera-Caracuel J, Hurtado-Torres NE, Aragon-Correa J, Rugman AM. (2013) 'Differentiated Effects of Formal and Informal Institutional Distance Between Countries on the Environmental Performance of Multinational Enterprises'. Journal of Business Research,
  • Delgado-Marquez B, Aragon-Correa J, Cordón-Pozo E. (2013) 'The Profitability of Environmental Proactivity in Business Education Institutions: An Investigation of University Administrators'. Journal of Environmental Science and Management, 16 (1)


    Over the last decades, the implementation of an environmentally-proactive behavior has taken on a new priority as part of the environmental planning strategies at higher education institutions. Nonetheless, this trend has exerted a heterogeneous impact on business education centres. Moreover, prior studies have found that administrators’ efforts play a crucial role to foster a school climate supportive of environmental proactivity. This paper contributes to investigate how and why universities, i.e., organizations not guided primarily by financial profits, decide to undertake an environmentally-proactive behavior. Specifically, we analyse deans’ perceptions in relation to the economic advantages that may be derived out of different levels of environmental proactivity of the centres. To that aim, we draw on a sample of 74 deans. Contrary to our original expectations, results reveal that there are no significant differences in deans’ perceptions of the economic advantages from their centres’ environmental proactivity.

  • Aragon-Correa J, De la Torre-Ruiz JM. (2012) 'Performance of Newcomers in Highly Interdependent Teams'. European Sport Management Quarterly, 12 (3), pp. 205-226.
  • Aguilera-Caracuel J, Aragon-Correa J, Hurtado-Torres NE, Rugman AM. (2012) 'The Effects of Institutional Distance and Headquarters' Financial Performance on the Generation of Environmental Standards in Multinational Companies'. African Journal of Business Ethics, 105 (4), pp. 461-474.
  • Ortiz-de-Mandojana N, Aragon-Correa J, Delgado-Ceballos J, Ferrón-Vílchez V. (2012) 'The Effect of Director Interlocks on Firms' Adoption of Proactive Environmental Strategies'. Corporate Governance: An International Review, 20 (2), pp. 164-178.
  • Aguilera-Caracuel J, Hurtado-Torres NE, Aragon-Correa J. (2012) 'Does International Experience Help Firms to be Green? A Knowledge-Based View of How International Experience and Organisational Learning Influence Proactive Environmental Strategies'. International Business Review, 21 (5), pp. 847-861.
  • Delgado-Ceballos J, Aragon-Correa J, Ortiz-de-Mandojana N, Rueda-Manzanares A. (2012) 'The Effect of Internal Barriers on the Connection Between Stakeholder Integration and Proactive Environmental Strategies'. Journal of Business Ethics, 107 (3), pp. 281-293.
  • Delgado-Márquez BL, Hurtado-Torres NE, Aragon-Correa J. (2012) 'The Dynamic Nature of Trust Transfer: Measurement and the Influence of Reciprocity'. Decision Support Systems, 54 (1), pp. 226-234.
  • Aguilera-Caracuel J, Aragon-Correa J, Hurtado-Torres NE. (2011) 'Extending the Literature on the Environmental Strategy of MNEs'. Multinational Business Review, 19 (4), pp. 299-310.
  • Marcus A, Aragon-Correa J, Pinkse J. (2011) 'Firms, Regulatory Uncertainty, and the Natural Environment'. California Management Review, 54 (1), pp. 5-16.
  • De la Torre-Ruiz JM, Aragon-Correa J, Ferrón-Vílchez V. (2011) 'Job-related Skill Heterogeneity and Action Team Performance'. Management Decision, 49 (7), pp. 1061-1079.
  • Gomez-Haro S, Aragon-Correa J, Cordón-Pozo E. (2011) 'Differentiating the Effects of the Institutional Environment on Corporate Entrepreneurship'. Management Decision, 49 (10), pp. 1677-1693.
  • Bueno-Campos E, Aragon-Correa J, García-Morales VJ, Salmador-Sánchez MP. (2010) 'Tangible Slack Versus Intangible Resources. The Influence of Technology Slack and Tacit Knowledge in the Capability of Organizational Learning to Generate Innovation and Performance'. International Journal of Technology Management, 49 (4), pp. 314-337.
  • Martín-Tapia I, Aragon-Correa J. (2010) 'Environmental Strategy and Exports in Medium, Small and Micro-Enterprises'. Journal of World Business, 45 (3), pp. 266-275.
  • Bermúdez-Edo M, Hurtado-Torres NE, Aragon-Correa J. (2010) 'The Importance of Trusting Beliefs Linked to the Corporate Website for Diffusion of Recruiting-Related Online Innovations'. Information Technology and Management, 11 (4), pp. 177-189.
  • Martín-Tapia I, Aragon-Correa J, Guthrie J. (2009) 'High Performance Work Systems and Export Performance'. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 20 (3), pp. 633-653.
  • Rueda-Manzanares A, Aragon-Correa J, Sharma S. (2008) 'The Influence of Stakeholders on the Environmental Strategy of Service Firms: The Moderating Effects of Complexity, Uncertainty and Munificence'. British Journal of Management, 19 (2), pp. 185-203.
  • Martín-Tapia I, Aragon-Correa J, Senise-Barrio ME. (2008) 'Being Green and Export Intensity of SMEs: The Moderating Influence of Perceived Uncertainty'. Ecological Economics, 68 (1-2), pp. 56-67.
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  • Sharma S, Aragon-Correa J, Rueda-Manzanares A. (2007) 'The Contingent Influence of Organizational Capabilities on Proactive Environmental Strategy in the Service Sector: An Analysis of north American and European Ski Resorts'. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 24 (4), pp. 268-283.
  • Aragon-Correa J, García-Morales, VJ , Cordón-Pozo E. (2007) 'Leadership and organizational Learning's Role on innovation and Performance: Lessons From Spain'. Industrial Marketing Management, 36 (3), pp. 349-359.
  • Aragon-Correa J, Rubio-López E. (2007) 'Proactive Corporate Environmental Strategies: Myths and Misunderstands'. Long Range Planning, 4 (3), pp. 357-381.
  • Cordón-Pozo E, Aragon-Correa J, García-Morales VJ. (2006) 'Interdepartmental Collaboration and New product Development Success: A Study on the collaboration Between Marketing and R&D in Spanish High-Technology Firms'. International Journal of Technology Management, 34 (14), pp. 52-79.
  • Aragon-Correa J, Cordón-Pozo E. (2005) 'The Influence of Strategic Dimensions and the Environment on the Introduction of Internet as Innovation into Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises'. Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, 17 (2), pp. 205-218.
  • Aragon-Correa J, Matías-Reche F, Senise-Barrio ME. (2004) 'Managerial Discretion and Corporate Commitment to the Natural Environment'. Journal of Business Research, 57 (9), pp. 964-975.
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  • Aragon-Correa J, Senise-Barrios ME, Martín-Tapia I, Matías-Reche F, Molina-Fernández LM, Rubio-López E. (2006) Evalución Externa del Proyecto ACERCA III: Delimitación y análisis de los principalles "Outputs", resultados e impactos (External Evaluation of the ACERCA Project). Diputación de Granada
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  • Sharma S, Correa JAA. (2005) Corporate Environmental Strategy And Competitive Advantage. Edward Elgar Publishing


    "The first book to gather cutting-edge research on this complex relationship, Corporate Environmental Strategy and Competitive Advantage presents conceptual ideas and empirical findings, as well as a valuable review of extant literature and ...

  • Correa JAA, Barrio MES. (2001) Polígonos Empresariales y sus Repercusiones: Análisis de las Características e Impactos de los Polígonos Industriales en la Provinca de Granada (Industrial Parks and Implications). Granada : Fundación Caja de Granada/Confederación Granadina de Empresarios
  • Martín-Rodríguez M, Sáez-Fernández FJ, Aragón-Correa JA. (2000) Valoración del Impacto Socioeconomico de la Puesta en Regadío de la Cuenca del Guadalquivir (Irrigation Projects and Evaluation of their Socioeconomic Impacts in the River Guadalquivir). Civitas
  • Correa JAA. (1998) Empresa y medio ambiente: Gestión Estratégica de las Oportunidades Medioambientales (Natural Environment and Firms: Strategic Management of Environmental Opportunities). Comares

Book chapters

  • Ferron-Vilchez V, Aragon-Correa J. (2012) 'A European Approach of the Environmental Costs: A Case Study in the Spanish Road Freight Transport Industry'. in Madu CN, Kuei C-H (eds.) Handbook of Sustainability Management World Scientific , pp. 625-640.


    This handbook explores the role of sustainability in achieving social development, environmental protection, and economic development. These three areas constitute what is referred to as the triple bottom line (TBL).

  • Delgado-Marquez BL, Aragon-Correa J, Hurtado-Torres NE. (2011) 'Fostering Integrity in Business Education: An Analysis of Academic Administrators' Perceptions at Spanish Business Schools'. in Wankel C, Stachowicz-Stanusch A (eds.) Management Education for Integrity: ethically Educationg Tomorrow's Business Leaders Bingley : Emerald Group Publishing , pp. 59-76.


    This topical book forms an important part of the debate on the development of ethical business leaders and provides empirically grounded, theoretical insights for rethinking business curricula requisite for understanding and meaningfully ...

  • Martin-Tapia I, Aragon-Correa J, Llamas-Sanchez R. (2008) 'The Relationship Between High Performance Work Systems and Proactive Environmental Management'. in Wüstenhagen R (ed.) Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship Northampton : Edward Elgar Publishing , pp. 197-224.


    The first five chapters discuss various aspects of sustainable entrepreneurship. This is followed by two chapters that look at innovation within existing firms.

  • Aragon-Correa J, Matías-Reche F. (2005) 'Small Firms and Natural Environment: A Resource-Based View of the Importance, Antecedents, Implications, and Future Challenges of the Relationship'. in Sharma S, Correa JAA (eds.) Corporate Environmental Strategy And Competitive Advantage Edward Elgar Publishing , pp. 96-114.


    "The first book to gather cutting-edge research on this complex relationship, Corporate Environmental Strategy and Competitive Advantage presents conceptual ideas and empirical findings, as well as a valuable review of extant literature and ...

  • Sharma S, Aragon-Correa J. (2005) 'Corporate Environmental Strategy and Competitive Advantage: A Review From the Past to the Future'. in Sharma S, Correa JAA (eds.) Corporate Environmental Strategy And Competitive Advantage Northampton : Edward Elgar Publishing , pp. 1-26.


    "The first book to gather cutting-edge research on this complex relationship, Corporate Environmental Strategy and Competitive Advantage presents conceptual ideas and empirical findings, as well as a valuable review of extant literature and ...

Departmental Duties

  • Member of the International Business and Sustainable Systems Group.


Alberto is Editor in Chief of Organization Environment, the leading journal devoted to the relationship between business and sustainability.

He is also the Chair of the Academy of Management’s Organizations and the Natural Environment Division (ONE) and one of the founding members and the current President of the Group of Research on Organizations and the Natural Environment (GRONEN), one of the biggest independent academic organizations in the field of environmental management.

Social Media


Twitter: @JAlbertoAragon

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