Professor Manthos Delis

Research Interests


Level HE6: Principles of Banking and Money

MEQ scores: 2012-2013: 4.8; 2013-2014: 4.8; 2014-2015: 4.9; 2015-2016: 4.4 

Teaching Awards for the academic years 2012-2013, 2014-2015


Contact Me

Phone: 01483 68 6332

Find me on campus
Room: 13 MS 02

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My office hours

During academic terms

Term 2: Tuesday 12.00-14.00, Wednesday 15.30-16.30


Selected Recent Journal Publications (for a full list please check my website)

Professor Delis has more than 40 publications in top-field peer-reviewed journals in a number of disciplines, including Finance, Management and Economics. A full list of his publication record can be found in his personal website.


On the effect of business and economic university education on political ideology: An empirical note (with I. Hasan and M. Iosifidi). Journal of Business Ethics, forthcoming.

The risk-taking channel of monetary policy in the US: Evidence from loan-level data (with I. Hasan and N. Mylonidis). Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, forthcoming.

Endogenous bank risk and efficiency (with M. Iosifidi and M. Tsionas). European Journal of Operational Research, forthcoming.

Bank market power and firm performance (with S. Kokas and S. Ongena). Review of Finance, forthcoming.

Formal enforcement actions and bank behavior (with C. Tsoumas and P. Staikouras). Management Science, forthcoming.

The effect of board directors from countries with different genetic diversity levels on corporate performance (with C. Gaganis, I. Hasan, and F. Pasiouras. Management Science 63 (2017), 231-249.

Foreign bank ownership and competition: Evidence from a world sample (with S. Kokas and S. Ongena). Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 48 (2016), 449-483.

Banks’ risk endogenous to strategic management choices (with I. Hasan and E. Tsionas). British Journal of Management 26 (2015), 637-656.

Bank regulations and income inequality: Empirical evidence (with I. Hasan and P. Kazakis). Review of Finance 18 (2014), 1811-1846.

On the estimation of marginal cost (with M. Iosifidi and E. Tsionas). Operations Research 62 (2014), 543-556.

Anxious periods and bank lending (with G. Kouretas and C. Tsoumas). Journal of Banking and Finance 38 (2014), 1-13.

Bank competition, financial reform and institutions: The importance of being developed. Journal of Development Economics 97 (2012), 450-465.

Supervisory effectiveness and bank risk (with P. Staikouras). Review of Finance 15 (2011), 511-543.

Regulations and productivity growth in banking (with P. Molyneux and F. Pasiouras). Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking 43 (2011), 735-764.

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