Department of International Strategy and Sustainable Enterprise Members

Members of the Department are drawn from a variety of academic and practitioner backgrounds, creating a diverse pool of knowledge and expertise.

Acting Head of Department

Name Role Phone Email Room
Professor David Goss Head of Surrey Business School, Professor of Entrepreneurship 01483 68 3116 57 MS 03

Academic Staff

Name Role Phone Email Room
Professor J.Alberto Aragon-Correa Professor of Management 01483 68 2122 50 AP 02
Dr Juan Carluccio Senior Lecturer in International Trade 01483 68 3873 09 AP 01
Professor Luis Diestre Professor in Strategy 01483 68 9122 11 BB 04
Dr Jing-Lin Duanmu Senior Lecturer in International Business 01483 68 6342 49 AP 02
Dr Alvina Gillani Teaching Fellow in Marketing and Strategy 01483 68 3017 51 AP 02
Ms Heidi Hazeu Professional Development and Employability Tutor 01483 68 9651 09 MS 01
Professor Gavin Hilson Chair of Sustainability in Business 01483 68 6326 56 AP 02
Professor Giordano Mion Professor in International Trade 01483 68 3176 55 AP 02
Professor Juan Santaló Professor in Strategy 01483 68 9122 11 BB 04
Dr Mariarosa Scarlata Lecturer in Entrepreneurship 01483 68 3798 07 MS 02
Dr Emanuela Todeva Senior Lecturer in Strategy and International Business 01483 68 2056 64 MS 03
Dr Natalia Yakovleva Senior Lecturer in International Business 01483 68 9667 57 AP 02

Visiting Fellows and Professors

Name Role Phone Email Room
Professor T.K. Das Professor of Strategic Management    

Research Students

Name Role Phone Email Room
Mr Nasser Al-Araimi DBA Student    
Dr Antonina Bauman PhD Student    
Dr Heiko Brauckhoff DBA Student    
Dr Mirriam Bwalya DBA Student    
Mr James Carter PhD Student    
Dr Konstantinos Chalkias Postgraduate Research (PhD) Full Time Student    
Miss Rosanna Cole PhD student    
Dr Emeka Johnpaul Ogidi PhD Student    
Miss Angelique Gatsinzi PhD Student    
Mrs Cassandra Jones PhD Student    
Dr Goetz Kaltheuner DBA Student    
Dr Karl Alexander DBA Student    
Dr Gregor K√∂ltzsch DBA Student    
Dr Claudia Kuller DBA Student    
Mr Mario Eduardo Giraldo Oliveros PhD Student    
Miss Moddy Maundu PhD Student    
Mr James McQuilken PhD Student    
Dr Raymond Pfang PhD Student    
Mr Naveed Qureshi PhD Student    
Miss Christine Roersch PhD Student    
Dr Daniele Settembrini DBA Student    
Eng Shahab Shahisavandi PhD Student    
Dr Ebrahim Shariatzadeh PhD Student    
Dr Rozane Silva PhD Student    
Mr Sanjeev Singh PhD Student    
Dr Gregor Sommer DBA Student    
Dr Michael Struck DBA Student    
Ms Julie Winnard DEng Student    

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