Issues in the Workplace

Inner Space: Exploring the Inner Worlds of Managers and Leaders

On the 16th November 2011, the People and Organisations subject group, at the Surrey Business School, held the second of their “Issues in the Workplace” seminar series. The organisation of the seminar was led by Dr Cinla Akinci. The event received a high response from within the university as well as externally, and proved an outstanding success with more than 40 participants from a variety of academic and practitioner backgrounds.


The theme of this particular seminar was “Inner Space: Exploring the Inner Worlds of Managers and Leaders” which aimed to address deeper issues in the workplace by exploring the ‘inner worlds’ of managers and leaders.


Four esteemed speakers presented at this event. Charles Faulkner, an expert in Neuro-linguistic Programming, presented on metaphors and life stories and their influence on identities, values and actions in his presentation entitled “The Outside is a Model for the Inside”. Professor Eugene Sadler-Smith’s presentation “Mapping the Intuitive Mind” focused on the neural geography of intuition and provided insights into intuition research in management from past into the future. 


Dr Paul Tosey, also a master practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming, presented on the “The Inner Landscapes of Work-Life Balance” with an emphasis on the use of ‘Clean Language’ as a method for exploring the inner space of managers and leaders through metaphors. Mike George, a spiritual teacher and management coach, focused on the development of spiritual intelligence in leadership and management in his presentation entitled “The Inner Space of Spiritual Intelligence”.


At the end of the presentations, Dr Julie Gore chaired the panel summary and the discussions. The seminar offered stimulating discussions and the highlight of the seminar was the engagement between the audience and the speakers.

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