Dr Esther MacCallum-Stewart

Senior Lecturer, Digital Media Arts

Phone: Work: 01483 68 6237
Room no: 12 NC 01

Further information


Journal articles

  • MacCallum-Stewart E. (2013) 'Diggy Holes and Jaffa Cakes: The Rise of the Elite Fan Producer in Videogaming Culture'. Intellect Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds, 5 (2), pp. 165-182.
  • Sturrock I, Grout V, Picking R, Gossman P, MacCallum-Stewart E. (2011) 'Psychology of game design: Intrinsic and extrinsic rewards'. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Internet Technologies and Applications, ITA 11, , pp. 617-618.
  • MacCallum-Stewart E. (2010) 'Lost on a desert island: The sims 2 castaway as convergence text'. Games and Culture, 5 (3), pp. 278-297.
  • Maccallum-Stewart E. (2009) ''The street smarts of a cartoon princess'. New roles for women in games'. Digital Creativity, 20 (4), pp. 225-237.
  • MacCallum-Stewart E. (2009) 'What sort of fish was it?' how players understand their narrative in online games'. Breaking New Ground: Innovation in Games, Play, Practice and Theory - Proceedings of DiGRA 2009,
  • Gillis S, MacCallum-Stewart E. (2007) 'Editors' introduction: Children's culture and the first world war'. Lion and the Unicorn, 31 (2)
  • MacCallum-Stewart E. (2007) '"If they ask us why we died": Children's literature and the First World War, 1970-2005'. Lion and the Unicorn, 31 (2), pp. 176-188.
  • MacCallum-Stewart E, Parsler J. (2007) 'Controversies: Historicising the computer game'. 3rd Digital Games Research Association International Conference: "Situated Play", DiGRA 2007, , pp. 203-210.
  • MacCallum-Stewart E. (2007) 'From catch the flag to shock and awe: How World of Warcraft negotiates battle'. 3rd Digital Games Research Association International Conference: "Situated Play", DiGRA 2007, , pp. 66-73.


  • Krzywinska T, MacCallum-Stewart E, Parsler J. (2011) Ringbearers: *The Lord of the Rings* Online as Intertextual Narrative. Manchester University Press

Book chapters

  • MacCallum-Stewart E. (2013) 'Conflict, Thought Communities and Textual Appropriation in MMORPGs'. in Crawford G, Gosling V, Light, B (eds.) Online Gaming in Context: The social and cultural significance of online games. Routledge
  • MacCallum-Stewart E. (2012) 'Play up and Play the Game!’ – The Narrative of War Games.'. in Rawlinson M, Piette A (eds.) The Edinburgh Companion to Twentieth Century British and American War Literature. Edinburgh University Press.
  • MacCallum-Stewart E. (2009) 'Battleground: Storm the Beaches! Recent popular culture and the representation of warfare”.'. in Slater J (ed.) Under Fire! A Century of War Movies. ed. Slater, Jay. Ian Allan Publications.
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  • MacCallum-Stewart E. (2009) 'Contributions on the importance of war in fantasy, Alternate Histories, Sword and Sorcery texts and Women in British Science Fiction.'. in (ed.) Women in Science Fiction- An Encyclopedia. Greenwood Publications
  • MacCallum-Stewart E. (2008) 'A Biplane in Gnomeregan: : Popular Culture, Digital Games and the First World War.'. in Howard M (ed.) A Part of History: Aspects of the British Experience of the First World War Continuum Intl Pub Group

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