Atlas.ti Training Workshop (2 Days)

Using ATLAS.ti with your own data

Wednesday 21 January 2015, 10am to Thursday 22 January 2015, 4.30pm
Department of Sociology, University of Surrey
Open to:
Public, Staff, Students
Dr Sarah Bulloch

ATLAS.ti, developed by Scientific Software, Berlin. is a CAQDAS package suited to the management and analysis of qualitative data i.e. text and multimedia data/information. This two day workshop provides a thorough overview of the software with step-by-step practice in setting up projects efficiently, getting started with data organisation and use of analytic tools. Participants bring their own data and project materials for use on the second day. 

The overall emphasis is on the management of textual forms of data although discussion concerning basic handling of different multimedia types can be included if required by participants. The workshop focuses on ways to organise both the data and the project itself. We code the data, create memo's which centralise thematic work and writing, create networks which allow us to explore and visually express themes, our ideas about them and their connections with other issues We aim to encourage the effective use of some of the most important tools available in the software. Overview demonstrations and discussions provide a longer term sense of direction. 

During day one sample data is used to enable the group to focus on the same tasks at the same time - to experiment with tools without it 'mattering'. During the second day participants create a software project for their own studies using relevant research materials. 

The course will suit those who are complete beginners and those who have looked at the software and tried to use it in a limited extent. However you should have some idea about what your approach to qualitative data analysis will be. The course does not teach you 'how to do' qualitative data analysis per se.

This is a CAQDAS Networking Project event. 


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Government / commercial sector


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Wednesday 21 January 2015


to Thursday 22 January 2015


Department of Sociology, University of Surrey
Open to:
Public, Staff, Students
Dr Sarah Bulloch

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