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Here are the latest stories from the Surrey Space Centre

Surrey hosts National Student Space Conference

Over 300 students, academics and professionals from across the space sector got together for a weekend of networking and talks by key industry figures. 

Read more about the conference on the main Feature page.

Revolutionising plasma technologies and virtual reality experiences for an ageing population

A consortium of plastic surgeons, medical professionals and Surrey Space Centre (SSC) researchers have formed the company Fourth State Medicine (4SM) – aiming to transform medical technology. 

Read more about Fourth State Medicine's work on the main Feature page.

Moon-landing Kickstarter campaign backed by Surrey academics

Surrey’s Professor Jim Al-Khalili is one of many high-profile scientists to endorse the Lunar Mission One, which aims to survey the moon’s South Pole for a potential future human landing site. 

Read more about the mission on the main Feature page.

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