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Here are the latest stories from the Surrey Space Centre

FASTER: Forward Acquisition of Soil and Terrain for Exploration Rover

The European consortium of six partners from five member states is developing and will demonstrate concepts for an efficient in-situ acquisition of soil and terrain properties on planetary surfaces which will increase travel velocities.  

Shining the light on lunar surfaces

Characteristics of the moon’s surface have intrigued scientists for decades, yet certain sides of the moon are still relatively unexplored.

Now, Surrey Technology for Autonomous systems and Robotics (STAR) lab is collaborating with Chinese lunar geologists to unearth the terrain of the north ‘Mare Imbrium’.

Read more about the research on the main Feature page.

Surrey launches in-orbit demonstrator satellite

Surrey Space Centre and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) have launched their first in-orbit technology demonstration mission for innovative UK spacecraft equipment and software.

Discover more about TechDemoSat-1 on the main Feature page.

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