Research Groups

The Surrey Space Centre researches into many varied aspects of satellite design, control and applications. 

Spacecraft technology requires a broad range of backgrounds from Physics and Engineering to Mathematics and Software systems. This broad range is reflected in our research groups which cover many aspects of space and its uses:

AstrodynamicsThe study of the dynamics of spacecraft. This subject includes mission analysis, satellite orbital motions; spacecraft attitude, guidance, navigation and control and estimation.
Autonomy & Robotics (STAR Lab)Autonomy & modelling, visual navigation, modern control theories, robot-soil interaction and biomimetic mechanisms, with applications to various space systems including rovers, manipulators, drills and penetrators.
Control SystemsDesign and implementation of control algorithms for a variety of industries, including robotics, aerospace and animation. The group has experience in the design of hardware and mechatronic systems and actuators based on electromagnetic levitation.
On Board Data HandlingFPGAs, hardware accelerated compression and signal processing
Environments & InstrumentationSpace Science, Magnetospheric models, radiation effects on electronics.
Plasma DynamicsApplied plasma physics research, particularly development of novel plasma thruster technologies for small spacecraft
PropulsionBipropellant engines, Solar Thermal, Green propellants
Spacecraft Structures, Materials and MechanismsSpacecarft microvibrations, multifunctional and stable structures, electronics for space applications, validation of FEM

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