STRaND-1 Status

As reported at the SmallSat 2013 Conference, STRaND-1 is currently downloading files and being autonomously operated from the SSC Groundstation by SSC & SSTL Staff. They all have their day jobs as lecturers, researchers, and engineers so please watch this space!

Long term support for the STRaND-1 mission is being provided by the following AMSAT stars:

  • Iji Yoshitomo, JA6PL
  • Toshio Kasei, JA1GDE
  • Hiroshi Iwamoto, JH4XSY/1
  • Colin Hurst, VK5HI
  • Mike Rupprecht, DK3WN
  • Ken Swaggart, W7KKE
  • Mark L. Hammond, N8MH
  • Dave Williams, G7GQW
  • Roland Zurmely, PY4ZBZ
  • Jan v Gils, PE0SAT
  • OZ7SAT

The STRaND-1 Team would like to extend their thanks and gratitude for the ongoing support.

Want to get yourself on this list? Email your .kss or .raw files of the received frames to Further AMSAT information can be found on the AMSAT-UK STRaND-1 Webpage on how to receive and decode the beacon packets.

STRaND-1 Dashboard

STRaND-1 Dashboard

(click for larger view)

As shown in the example dashboard above, the AMSAT data has been collated into a sqlite database file. The file is available below:

Database Download Available

(55.6 MB, 431,681 entries)

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