We facilitate several opportunities to access funding.  

Business Enterprise Student Support Scheme

Open to most students currently at University of Surrey, the scheme can provide up to £5000 funding to progress an initiative to start or develop an entrepreneurial activity.

The money could be used for:

• Research
• Creating prototypes
• Market analysis
• Travel
• Or anything else the scheme panel considers relevant to forming or developing a new business

BESSS takes away one of the largest barriers for a start-up – start-up capital. With no equity stake taken, it truly is the best kind of funding you can get. Financial support with complete freedom creates the perfect foundation on which to grow a start-up.

BESSS can help kick-start your entrepreneurial journey. Read about how Guillaume Devinat developed a functional prototype to secure his first client thanks to financial support from BESSS.

This factsheet provides more information and a brief summary of the Business Enterprise Student Support Scheme.

Make sure you read the Rules and Guidance before you submit your application form.

If you have any questions, please email us.

Student Enterprise Kick Starter Fund

The Student Enterprise Kick Starter Fund is funded by generous donations from the local business community and University of Surrey Alumni.  The fund is aimed at pre-start up and early start up student businesses, and can provide you with seed funding of up to £500.

Read the Terms and Conditions before filling out your application form.


External Competitions  

Santander Universities

Santander Universities runs many comptitions and awards specially designed to support entrepreneurs, business start-ups and social enterprises.

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