Professor Steven Warburton

Head of Department

Phone: Work: 01483 68 9113
Room no: 09 AD 04

Further information


Professor Steven Warburton is the Head of Department of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) at the University of Surrey. He is also a Fellow of the Centre for Distance Education at the University of London and an Associate Research Fellow at King’s Learning Institute, King’s College London. He leads a team dedicated to deploying technologies to enhance the learning and teaching experience across the institution.

He has led and cooperated on a range of national and European projects that have included: PLANET which developed a methodology for abstracting design patterns through shared expert practice; MUVEnation, LLL3D and OpenHabitat in field of teaching in virtual worlds; managing digital identity issues via design patterns on the Rhizome project; and more recently he has been working on digital literacy, mobile learning, gamification, analytics, digital publishing models, open educational resources and business models for scalable online learning.

He is regularly invited to speak at UK, European and international conferences and has published extensively in the area of Technology Enhanced Learning. Guest editor for JCAL (Journal of Computer Aided Learning) Special Issue on Learning Design and Social Media (2012) and eLearning Papers Special Issues on Design Patterns for Open Online Learning (2015).


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