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The University of Surrey 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC), the University of Bristol and King’s College London are partnering to develop and host the first 5G UK Hub as envisaged in the 5G strategy for the UK1 policy paper, published on the 8 March 2017, in particular the section titled 'Realising the potential of 5G: The Government’s 5G testbeds and trials programme'.

5gic national programme
5GIC national programme

The 5G Hub will be integrated at the system level and connected across the three University sites. The 5G Hub will cover Radio Access Technologies (5G RAT "New Radio")2, 5G Core Network, advanced Network Management and 5G Interconnectivity (also known as 5G Fabric). The integration of all these sub-systems make up the full end-to-end 5G system, which will be demonstrated in Q1 2018 and will be used to create the platform for the proposed 5G Hub Operation ready to connect to ‘External Testbeds’ by Q2 2018 for further UK wide expansion. The development and demonstration of working end-to-end 5G is non-trivial.

The 5G Hub operation will provide the UK with a unique national asset to enable the scaling and reach to execute a UK wide plan enabling innovation in 5G technologies / services, contribution to global standards and identification of new regulatory requirements. This newly formed national asset will be the foundation to create and support projects in multiple vertical segments such as connected cars and autonomous driving, Industry 4.0, Health and many others, addressing major socio-economic / productivity challenges.

An important part of the 5G Hub will be the testbed, which will develop innovative solutions for the operation and management of 5G networks with new levels of efficiency and resilience. This will enable trials of secure interoperable technology solutions and services, hardened against cyber-attack. In year one, internal test use cases will be used to validate the end-to-end 5G network, interfaces and capability in a controlled environment across the three University sites. The internal use cases will also be used to validate testbed external interfaces, thus preparing the testbed to connect to other external projects and testbeds from year two onwards (Q2 2018).

5GIC is actively seeking to work with national partners in developing large scale use cases and trials of 5G technologies and services. If you are interested in collaborating with 5GIC please contact Professor Rahim Tafazoli, Director 5GIC.

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